Saturday, April 1, 2017


Dear, Dixon House...

I came across this last week and just wanted to say… you look lovely.

We had an art class on Saturday or I would have been there for your Open House. Cara thought that was weird - why would I want to go back?  I've been passing by from time to time to check in on you and see your progress. Sorry you were looking a little shabby for awhile there. When I would take Lily to the vet we would drive by and see some of the updates and just the other day I saw them bringing furniture in. How exciting.

I have a confession - I wish I would have stolen that heart rock that was under the deck… I thought about it several times and figured I better not.  I wish I would have taken the glass handle off the bedroom closet door too. And that tree downstairs - well you know I wanted to rip that panel off the wall a long time ago. ;-)

Anyway, there were some things I would have done and thought that they would have done… I would have removed the door to the deck in the kitchen and put in a giant stove - I see they kept the same layout… and I would have moved that love seat up and put french doors out to the deck.  I'm surprised they didn't do that. I maybe would have put a sliding barn door in the master too - for the bathroom. That big shower looks nice, though. And all the closet build outs. Nice.  I guess they didn't think of the possibility of using the closet in the master for access Over 2. That's what we used to call it.  Captive from the master instead of the other bedroom makes sense to me.  It looks like you are painted Greige which is the in color still - I think. Yay, you.

I love love love the wall opened from the living room to the kitchen. We didn't think we could do that but I guess we were wrong.  I'm not so sure I like the opening from the kitchen to the dining room but job well done. Looks wonderful and I'm sure many will love it. I like separate rooms - especially dining rooms -  but looks good. I hope you have so much fun with the people that will be sitting in there. I know we did.

I feel like some of your old house charm is gone… the built ins on either side of the fireplace are gone. ;-( I wonder if they even cared about the ships?!  No more radiators/covers!  I would love to know if that shelf coming up from the basement is still there. I hope so. I really hope so. Though I'm sure the hidden mickey is painted over. More pics on Zillow but I can't tell. Anyway, I gasped out loud when I saw the downstairs.  So many doors but you go, girl.

I'm sad that the Christiana Candles are gone. When I think of you I think of light and love. And this was before the guy that was there with me weirdly signed his emails that way. ;-)   We would open the curtains and light would just pour in and somehow, despite how things ended, I felt nothing but love there. Always.  I wonder what that guy thinks of your re-birth… I have to admit, it makes me sad knowing I'll never know.

All those years of trips to Rolliers and Home Depot when nothing was out in Robinson except that and that wing place drive thru… the yard work and the trips to Mineos after or calling Bado's for delivery of baby reubens and steak salads and that banana chocolate cake with the mini chocolate chips on it… the boys next door used to climb in the tree near the deck… I hope those are good memories for you too and if you hear a tap at the door I bet it's just KoKo and RoseBud saying hi.

The clouds are gone from the ceilings now and I guess they are gone everywhere else. I wish it was us that transformed you and created a new beginning for you… I know everyone that entered there was comfortable and welcomed and I wish the same for all those that walk through your door.

Thank You.

I love you.

Wishing you many years of Light and Love,

Friday, March 31, 2017

First of all, I went to pick the dad up and saw this beauty… I want this van! ;-)

Here's a pic of The Dad after dialysis on our weekly date with Rita.

I'm not painting a very good picture of what's going on here. I send these out from time to time via text and I always get the "looking good" response or whatever. That's great but it's not really true and I'm the only one to blame for this.  It shows how you can sway the truth a bit with so many things.  I don't know what I'm trying to say at the moment - just things are not very good.  They look good and his Rita's looks good but it's not good. I will leave it at that for the moment.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

High School musical trip tonight...


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

We had some time to kill between an appointment and dialysis so we stopped at Freedom Diner for breakfast.

Monday, March 27, 2017

He asked me if I'm collecting all these pictures of what he ate so I can put them in his casket… I said I didn't think of that.  He had an appointment today and I thought he might want to go get something to eat but he just wanted a taco from taco bell.

We got back to Seneca and his dinner was there which he probably would have eaten… just had dessert.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

I'm a tool girl… I'm the one at the yard sales with all the old men rummaging through drawers and boxes.  I went down to try to organize some things in the garage but I didn't get very far. I remember this folding ruler from when I was a little girl. I put it in my craft room for display. Maybe I'll make it into a star to hang… or a crown. No, probably a star. Or maybe I'll just leave it as is and look at it and remember.