Friday, September 30, 2011



WOW - I have a multitude of things I can talk about tonight but I have an early morning so I'll make it quick. I felt very empowered going to storage today... Sadly, there is so much more to get out of the house. I'm freaking terribly over the (dis)organization of it all but I just have to get over there and reorganize.
It's strange seeing all the very special things boxed up in random containers... I'm sure I will have to bin everything once I get my act together. ;-)

Someone recently told me I probably have a strange attachment to things because I don't have children - that very well could be... things may have filled my life a little more than most. Yes, there are random papers and unread magazines and books I haven't gotten a chance to read yet and there may be a few things in there that quite possibly could be considered junk - because if you know me well you know I like my rusty junk. ;-) For the most part, though, the boxes and bins are filled with things I love - with memories and moments and stories behind them all.

I'm sure I'll calm down once I get it better organized and, even though I know they will be in there for quite some time, I'm kind of looking forward to giving these things a new home.

On my way there a thought crossed my mind - not related at all to bins or boxes or junk. I think I have a really good show idea that I'm completely astonished doesn't already exist. If I can get it to the right people it could be big and I think I know exactly the right person to start with. Stay tuned - pun intended.

Thursday, September 29, 2011



I had this whole C is for Cookie thing I was going to talk about tonight but - you know... I just don't feel like it right now.

Here's some exciting news, though. Lily saw her first cat tonight!!! She was up close and personal with Angel... who isn't that angelic. ;-)
There was some hissing going on. ;-)

Lily walked around and picked up all the toys that belonged to Vinnie and Sabrina and took them under the table like she did in Deep Creek.

She watched the game with the guys...

... and tried to fit herself into the cat cubby.
It didn't work.

Going to bed now but first I have to mark this day as best brisket ever day.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011



I came across this photograph of this sculpture on Pinterest. That book immediately jumped in my head when I saw it. Dave and I were packing up some stuff at Dixon House and I, coincidentally, came across it. It was one of my favorites back in the day. Kind of a strange day... with what I know now about some things - I still love the guy I was with today. Funny, huh? Anyway, I just liked the sculpture. This one makes me think that with one thing missing - what's blocked - sometimes comes into full view. I did some searching and found the artist - Bruno Catalano. More information on him and some of his other sculptures can be found here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011



1. What's up with everyone freaking over the new facebook design? Talk about people not liking to be out of their comfort zone. It's a little change - roll with it. With that said, read this - Top Five Things People Like To Write on Someone's Facebook Wall. ;-)

2. Another pug that is not too crazy about taking a bath - found this little guy on Pinterest. So cute!

3. There was a house on florida ave that had a kitchen nook like this...
The house was small but had some nice features and a couple pocket doors. I often think of that house.

4. Lily won $6.00 on her birthday lottery tickets.

5. What is up with me and the praying mantis? I came home Friday night and let Lily out and one was climbing up the wall near the door and yesterday I had a dream about a very large one I found and let loose in a field behind a car dealership. It was like the size of a tiger and I don't know what the car lot had to do with anything!

6. Lily gets mesmerized by the apple on my laptop... and then she starts (mean) barking at it.

7. I contacted the people at RePurpose about 6 months ago and they sent me some info. Last month they contacted me to see if I was still interested. A part of me wants to do it and another thinks it may be too much to handle. I need to think about that more.

8. I always wipe the dust off the eyes of this bear when I go to Glo's... does anyone else think it's weird that she puts her toothbrush face DOWN in the holder? Or does everyone do that? I keep telling her that's strange but she doesn't seem to care. ;-)

9. Just saying...

10. Lily got a new toy today from David. I know she liked it because she immediately took it under the table where all her favorite things go.

Sunday, September 25, 2011



Glo has been on this kick to "get rid" of all her stuff... papers, jewelry, etc... I guess it's like "nesting" when you are having a baby... it's just at the other end of the road. I went over yesterday to fix her pill box and she gave me the first round of things to look into for her... a lot of coins from all over the world from when Uncle Norman was in the war... some rings that no one claimed when they had the dry cleaners... some trinkets and religious medals...a lot of engraved stuff - a watch face from Uncle Norman's parents to him when he turned 16... cuff links, etc... a few of her watches that I thought were just junk but turns out they are all gold.

I have as much as she has and more... my mother's stuff... my dad's... mine... The other day when we were leaving for columbus I went in my jewelry box (which used to be my mother's) to find a pair of earrings. I don't go into that one very often. I never change my earrings and only wear my studs. They fell off the table one day and the lily bud ate one. Well - she didn't eat it - she chewed it up and spit it out. It's all there but the setting is a little crumpled. I found a pair of gold hoops with little pigs on them that I haven't worn in a long time and thought I would try something different. I looked like a hooker - not that I know any hookers that would wear piglet hoops but you know what I mean... I'm used to my studs and nothing was going to work. I ended up choosing gold starfish and, actually, I felt dumb in those too. Though mermaids came to mind instead of hookers so I felt a little better.

There's just so much stuff... mother's wedding rings, my grandmother's, baby bracelets, a tri-color gold necklace my mother-in-law bought me just because - I still remember that and that was like 20 years ago...a bunch of rings and earrings from David... the mickey mouse ring he got down on one knee and promised forever with. It's so tiny. I always thought that ring would be held by our baby in his or her first photo. It all started with a mouse. Funny, isn't it?

Glo's right - I mean what do you do with all of this stuff?

I don't think I can deal with mine right now. I do think I'm keeping one of Glo's watches... I turned it over and it had their initials and date on it - "NAF to GMF 1947" I called her and said I didn't think I could get rid of that one and she told me to just keep it and when I wear it to remember her.

I guess when all the silver and gold and diamonds are gone - that's all we can do... remember.



Well, not really. But there are 90 days until Christmas!

I couldn't sleep last night so I planned out the menu at 4 am. I just wanted to try to get a few ideas going. I think I may try a new recipe a week and try to perfect some things... I figured if I started now (hopefully) there won't be any meltdowns come Christmas day! Wishful thinking, I'm sure.

Feliz Navidad - 90 days in advance.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I made coffee today... and for a brief second I thought I was going to turn around and bring it into the living room and sit with my puppy on the couch and wait for David to come home from his saturday morning walk. I don't know if it was the weather or the shirt I had on but it was a familiar kind of second where I thought I was home.

Friday, September 23, 2011



~ Albus Dumbledore

Thursday, September 22, 2011



1. Woke up yesterday to this all over the yard.
There were little patches of webs all over the grass too. It was kind of disturbing.

2. I want to do this. ;-(

3. I'm a mac girl and don't even know if windows still uses this but I found it online and thought it was interesting... did you know the windows default background is a real photo shot by this guy in Napa? You can read more about it here.

4. Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp were playing tonight. I wanted to go. I didn't think I could handle it though. I'm regretting not going now. This is from another show - check out this video 4:44... click here. I love those boys.

5. I saw a girl's car with one of those big stickers on the back windshield and it said Ryan Dunn with his birth and death dates. I do love the Jackass boys but I thought that was weird if she was just a fan.

6. I have been having the strangest and most vivid dreams... I'm not sure if the messages I'm getting are truth or not and I'd like to know why they are coming to me now.
...or should I?

7. I don't understand how he can stack them up on top (for days) but can't manage to put them away in the cabinet right below.

8. We saw this when we were in the Short North in Columbus. It's the Cycle Tavern. Check out the website for more information.

9. praying mantis

10. Take a better look - things may not be what they appear to be.

Because she's so cute... here's an outtake of the bud... before I stepped on her hat. ;-)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I just couldn't get it together to have a real party for The Lil Bud. I had to make do. Last minute decision - I loaded the car with her presents and cake and we picked Glo up...
... and went to Sonic. Every time we are at The Mills and pass by she talks about how much fun it was when we took RoseBud... so I thought I would create another memory. I keep thinking that things are going to be the last time, especially for her, so I figured I should do it now... I know that's a strange thought but who knows.

Lily had no idea what was going on or where she was but seemed excited.
Something was up because it was backed up pretty bad and we had a V-E-R-Y long wait and were there for what seemed like forever. Instead of a car full of fussy kids I had one that was barking, one that was shaking his head off and another that was continually talking, even when someone else was talking because she couldn't hear anything... even more so with the barking which led to even more head shaking! I was ready to run out into traffic and hope someone ran me over.

The food finally came... I had to keep an eye on The Dad and what he was trying to give her. Let's just say when I looked through the rear view mirror I saw even MORE head shaking at my little "reminders" on what she should and shouldn't eat.
Lily got a taste of her first (I think) chicken finger - in honor of the RoseBud...Glo told her all about Norfolk and living in a hotel and going to get chicken fingers every night...
I got her apple slices instead of fries. ;-) She also got a tator tot toy in her kids meal.

We went back to Glo's and Lily (out of all the bears and buds she has laying around) went straight for one thing... the bear we got RoseBud on our first trip to the OBX. Already completely frazzled from the whole barking, talking and head shaking thing...that put me over the edge a little. I wondered if RB was reincarnated into LB and she knew that was her toy. I got upset about that.

She opened her presents - yes, she got lottery tickets.

Then it was time for cake... Like any little kid...she couldn't wait for the cake to be cut and just went for it!

While cleaning up and watching a little bit of Dancing with The Stars we noticed the Bud was missing for awhile and figured she was up to no good... Nope - she just went into Aunt Gloria's bed.
I guess now that she's three she needs her alone time. You and me both, Pup. You and me both.

Hope you had a Happy Birthday, puppy dog. ;-) Love The Bud.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Wasn't it just yesterday that she was just a BABY lily bud?

She was a little teeny tiny thing when we picked her up... we got her at 7 weeks - she probably shouldn't have even left her mother. I think she was under 4 lbs.

She didn't even whimper in the car and came right with us and was happy to be in her new home.

She was super dark for a fawn pug and I didn't like that much and thought she was a misfit.

She was a big kisser from the very beginning. Look how little she was! ;-)

When she was younger she would crinkle her face just so and her markings made a little heart! She's grown out of that now but, really, how cute was that?

She is still way smaller than RoseBud - wish she was even smaller. When I pick her up, though, she seems like a moose. I really need to get her out walking more now that the weather is cool.

She still gives high CINQUEs...
She still takes my shoes and eats them... Every thing I have has the corners bitten off... She still runs away with the toilet paper... She loves to cuddle real close... and the licking - really. needs. to. stop!!!

I was scrambling today to get things done and never got all that I wanted accomplished. Got a little frazzled after the bud's hurried photo shoot when I was only able to download a few of the (let's just say many) photos... I had to work with one that had a bad backdrop and a squished in hat that looks like a funnel and didn't have the cake toy that was in her others... Yes, I'm a freak. I think the heavens may have heard me scream in frustration - not at her... at photoshop and my laptop. I'll have to post the rest of her photos when I can figure all this out. Here's an outtake from my phone to hold you over... ;-)
It took me almost 7 years to get tongue pictures from RB and I have a ton of LB already.

I didn't really get her much stuff b/c she has so much here and at storage and at her old house. Not much of it is really hers - she inherited a lot from her "big sister." I don't think she even has a collar that is her own. Poor child.

She doesn't really have a "thing" that she likes to eat... RoseBud's thing was meatballs. Aunt Gloria has been talking about how fun it was when we took RoseBud to Sonic so - after not making it to the store to get something to make for her birthday dinner - I decided to do just that...
We'll tell you more about that tomorrow... have to get up early so I think it's time for bed.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LILY BUD DIGIOIA... three looks good on you.