Thursday, December 31, 2015

I had to work today. We had a great polka band and everyone had a good time.

We did a countdown to the new year around 4:00 pm and we cleaned up for the last time in 2015.

The Dad and I had sausage two ways.

Funny story - he was in the kitchen tending to his (on the left) and I went in to get changed and put my after school clothes on. I hear him screaming saying that we almost lost mine (on the right)  - HE WAS STANDING RIGHT OVER THEM. Somehow he was blaming me for them burning (which they didn't) and started shaking his bull dog head about it. So, we ended 2015 arguing which is pretty much how the whole year has been. ;-)

I continued cooking most of the night and getting things ready for tomorrow. DiGioia's were over Bobby and June's and Sue commandeered Chrissy's phone and was asking me about when Mum was in the hospital… I had completely forgotten about some things and then it all came back to me and I could picture myself in that little lounge. It's funny how one little memory can take you right back. And, thanks Sue, now I want almond torte! ;-)

Chrissy called when she got home and and we rang in the new year over the phone with The Dad as we've done the past few years.

I still do the money and the bread thing… I don't do the blonde or dark haired person and the door thing… Honestly, I can't remember what the whole deal was with all of that. With Glo the way she is, I'll never know.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Well, I don't know when to stop,  I know we have a bunch of desserts planned for New Years but this cake was so cute - I couldn't pass it up.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I was off today because I worked the weekend… So, three guesses where I went??  The Vet. Lily had her annual appointment and I needed to drop off her Christmas present for them.

I was going to postpone it because I have a lot to do and I really wanted and needed to try to take a nap.

I'm glad I went because I got to go to Portman's…

… and stop at Sonic for tea…

and, oh, one more thing…

I got to see the the new adornment on the  window of Dixon House..

I was a little early so I went up to where Sheri's friend lived and parked in the parking lot and cried for a couple minutes and then carried on with my day.

Monday, December 28, 2015

I was leaving for work this morning and realized we never opened our stockings. I told you I wasn't with it this year. I never even wrapped my presents.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

It sucks working the day after Christmas! Yuck. ;-)  It was nice to spend the day with those that didn't have anyone, though, so we had a good time - playing Bingo and stuff.  Seriously, besides not getting paid very much, I really do have the best job.

Anyway, the pup couldn't wait to get into her presents yesterday morning.

She jumped off the bed and started opening them herself.

She loves her new bed…

Look at me, Aunt Cara - I like London too!

She's dog tired from all the fun… and so am I.

Friday, December 25, 2015

No theme this year. Just Christmas.

It's funny, Kenny called and the first thing he asked The Dad was what wacky theme we were having. Aunt Joyce and Deb said co-workers asked them too… I don't know what our strangest theme was…  we had a backyard carnival and Chinese and a hoe down... One day I would like to gather a photo from each.

One day.

Not today.

I'm back-posting this because my iPhoto is giving me problems. Honestly, I can't remember what we even had this year. This was the only food pic I took.

At Dixon House we used to put the menu and hell's kitchen timing board up. This was the last one - a few months before the end of it all...

It was a pajama party theme - we had breakfast for Christmas dinner.

Everyone wore their pjs. Including the pup. There was laughter...

and fun…

…as there was every year. Yes, I may be a little nostalgic with the house right now and fuck anyone that has anything to say about it.

I know the only thing that matters is that you are surrounded by those you love.

… and that is something we were and I am always good at. I'm glad there were so many gatherings at Dixon House that people still talk about and I'm glad they always felt so welcomed.

Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

I didn't have to work today! I do work the weekend, though, which kind of sucks. Look what Cindy got me… how cute is this candle?

I didn't put many Christmas things out. I did find this old painted lazy susan at L & L and used some of my old stuff mixed in with some new finds. I'm more of a snowman fan but I did put out some more Santas this year. This was always one of my favorite duos… had the house from a few years back. Found that little red metal truck at L & L - like 2 dollars for that and some sort of car. LOVE THAT TRUCK…

The little yellow truck is new from some place in Apollo.

Candle from Primitive Pines… Jar from 1824 Walker Farmhouse. Added those rose hips we used to get at all those old craft shows from years back!  Remember those bins and scoops?! ;-) One of those candy canes is from Simple Gatherings.  That wagon/trailer is from East Liverpool and the tree is from My Country Home and More.

I have a ton of trees and that little baby tree may be my all time favorite.  This  centerpiece turned into a nice little collection of all my adventures the last few months. I couldn't love it more.

I'm still not into this holiday this year. I just can't get into it for some reason. I quit shopping. I'm not even close to being finished. I'll worry about it later.  I wrapped a few things last night…

Lily wanted to open her gifts as I was putting them in her basket. 

I did kind of sleep in today and cleaned the rest of the day. We had a lovely time at Deb's… We got back to The Dad's and I washed dishes for about two hours. Thanks, Cuccaro.
The pup helped me wrap some more presents and we sat on the floor and watched one of my favorite movies - Never Been Kissed. 
I decorated the tree at 4:30 am.
…and carried The Bud into bed.

I guess, whether I like it or not, it's officially Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

We had a card craft today. Cindy and I looked at each other and realized that neither one of us prepared anything… No worries - we got out our supplies and kind of just did a chopped show - we used whatever was in the basket…

She used old Christmas cards - printed side out with all the trimmings.  One of the residents wanted to make a snowman  - she missed it the other day.

I used a paint chip card and some pom poms for snow and jewels as gifts… the other is three layers of Christmas Card - unprinted side. All on covered toilet paper rolls.

We're resourceful.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Look how cute these guys are - from the Verona GE.

My thumb has been so bad that I'm dropping things all the time. Guess what I dropped as soon as I got in the garage. Yes… the reindeer cupcakes. I had to go back to the store and get another pack. We were celebrating Rev. Bill's birthday and I couldn't give him smashed deer.

I also orchestrated a cookie exchange for my department. I should have thought about this more. I don't really like cookies all that much and I don't like baking them either! I originally was going to make this one that Cara's bro likes but I thought it looked too much like a brownie so I went with the good old DiGioia favorite -  Spritz. I f-ed up something because it just wasn't working out. I ended up throwing everything down the sink.

I was about two minutes from just leaving again and going to Eat N Park and buying everyone a package of the snowman smiley cookies when I decided I should just go with The Dad's biscotti. I mean if you hate making cookies you might as well just make one that you have to bake three times. It all turned out well in the end after I had to go to the store, yet again, while the first batch was baking to get oil…

 Note to self... Be a little more prepared next time. OK?  The cupcakes were a big hit.  The chocolate fudge icing was delish.

Monday, December 21, 2015

We were in Joann Fabrics the other night and I saw this…
I'm on a mission to take a picture of every pelo I see.  Pelos are what we affectionately call silos that look like penises. It's often just a raise of the arm while driving. I'm not getting out of the car or anything. It's like where's waldo or a treasure hunt. Look, there's a pelo. Snap.

It's starting to become a thing now…

Look - another one…

… and another,

Different day - different pelo. Click on this photo to make it bigger. This one had stars on it!

There's more - so many more - but I'll stop here.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

If there is something I know less about than computers - it's cars. When I got to the house on Friday I pulled up on the hill and noticed a light was on. Turns out it was the tire pressure light. I didn't know if something actually happened to the tire(s) during my ice capade the other night. Upon research, I think that happens when the ABS comes on. Am I right?  Anyway, how the hell do you put air in your tires?  I think I did it once on the Xterra but I didn't remember. I didn't go out yesterday so Cara and I went out Christmas shopping tonight and made a little pit stop at Sheetz. I found a tire pressure thing in the glove compartment but didn't know what to do with it. Fortunately, everything is automatic. I got back in the car and Cara said: that was such a big girl thing!  Go me.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Chrissy picked up Cara and met me at Miracle Mile Shopping Center. A place that haunts me still - I've talked about that before. My co-worker Cindy met us there as well. We asked her to join us on our adventure today. I drove… we went to Ruffsdale near Cindy's daughter's house to some fleatiques and junk stores out that way that she's been telling us to go to.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel on our way. I'm not a huge fan (though I did like when we would stop going to Winchestertownville on the way to the beach)  but I took one for the team since they all wanted to go. I mean you can't go wrong with corn and mashed potatoes, right? ;-)

After lunch we headed out for some shopping. This is Molly. Shop dog.

We had to go around the back of the house.. Hens and chicks in old shoes. Yes.

There was a creepy upstairs. Yes, again. Just Cindy and I ventured up. Read the warning on the steps.

Stop taking pictures while you're driving, G. We had a long discussion on how Katherine had a good idea with "taking pictures with her eyes." We all were doing it all day.

No Outlet - Antiques. Story of my life.

Hello. We're here.

Do you see that duck statue?

Yeah, it's not a statue…

Quackers came to greet us… apparently they had three ducks but the coyotes got the others. He's a social little thing.

Cara went running, Cindy was already in the store shopping, I was worried for his life thinking he was going to get hit by a car in the parking lot and he just followed Chrissy around. They are besties now.

More shopping at Thrift King and L&L... More things to put a tree in - I didn't buy this car but I wanted to.

More shopping in Irwin and dinner at Tillies in McKeesport. Heard it's a bad area - we're so gangster -  but the restaurant was nice and the food was good.

It was snowing pretty good when we got back to monroeville.  We got to the cars - unloaded all the packages and were on our way. I went the Parkway and, about a mile to the Rodi Road entrance, I saw a car up ahead turned around and crashed into the median. There were cars on either side of me and I didn't think I was going to stop and thought I would crash right into it.  Just like Test Track the car started shaking when the ABS came on. I felt like I was standing on the brake pedal. I never stopped and was just sliding straight for her - finally, I was able to get over and passed her.  I saw her holding her head in the drivers seat. My first thought was to call and tell someone. I saw an ambulance coming so I figured it was ok.  It was like everything  was in slow motion. Up ahead I saw -  on the other side - lights flashing  and an ambulance and a fire truck. I didn't really realize what was going on until after the fact. I thought I ran over something and something was going on with my tires. I had no idea, at the time, it was all ice.

Not sure if it was a miracle or not that I didn't run right into her - I could have and flipped over the median. Maybe my new nun doll kept me safe.

Found her and this DeLuca hat box at Millers in Irwin.

All in all, it was a fun day/night even though I almost died.