Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Lily has been so bad... like really bad. All she wants to do is LICK. She's been very clingy and wants to be with me all the time. Which is a good thing and bad. Like tonight when she insisted on getting on the treadmill with me.
It's cute but drives me crazy. It's very difficult being a single parent with her. She's a lot to handle. I feel like all I've been doing is saying please, puppy - stop it!!!!

Tonight I was trying to organize the zillion pieces of paper I have in my room - I brought some out to the living room to sort through on the floor - she kept dragging everything under the dining room table - this is after she got yelled at for bringing two pairs of shoes, a camera case and my bra under there. She ran away with the Sam's Club bill and ate part of it - which may have been stapled - I don't even know. All I do is just make a bigger mess because I have to gather everything up to get it away from her.

She knows what she's doing is bad... like running away with a pen or something and if I don't go after her she comes to me with it to make sure I see her with it. We play all the time so I don't think it's that - she's either just really bad or thinks I'm going to leave her... it's all just getting to be a little too much.

Right now as I type this, with my laptop on my lap, she's in between my legs annoyed as hell - she keeps stretching and looking up at me because she wants to go to bed and I still have the light on.
I'm annoyed at her, too... and a few others.

I love her but I've had it.

sorry, Pat.... I love her AND I've had it.

I'm turning the lights off now.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011



1. With the hurricane it was fun to hear all the different pronunciations of NORFOLK... I always think of my Dad's gay breathing therapist saying the Norfolk high school cheerleader cheer - "we don't drink... we don't smoke... nor fuck - nor fuck - nor fuck." Hmmm - I'm hoping Naas Bakery didn't flood.

2. They were talking on the radio about Steve Jobs and how he was the only guy that could get away with wearing a turtle neck tucked into Mom Jeans and you still respected him as the best boss ever. Funny and true.

3. Now this would get me in the back of the truck.

4. I forgot - we also wanted to go to the Eerily Lit Steelworks Hulk... didn't make it there either. We did see it from across the bridge though so we can kind of check it off our list.

5. You know I hate the overuse of the word awesome - especially for non-awesome things. This, though, is f-ing AWESOME. I can not wait to re-create this with one of my girls or maybe a flower.

6. Christmas 2011 theme has been chosen: MEXICAN. Funny thing is I didn't feel like cooking last night so I called and ordered dinner from Rey Azteca. Ready in 5 minutes. Maybe I can pay them to come over and cook for us!

7. On our way home from Bethlehem we probably saw a hundred of these trucks in a bunch of different caravans all headed to the hurricane areas.

8. This truck being towed was kind of freaky to drive behind.

9. We saw these birds at the hotel parking lot... we think she was hurt and he was not going to leave her behind. So sweet. I hope they are ok.

10. We met with our nutritionist tonight...The Dad wanted to go to The Olive Garden after (I know that was BAD) and I don't even like it that much... he asked me which sugar packet color was which and I had no idea... I don't use fake sugar and prefer he doesn't but it was kind of stupid that they weren't marked... at least I couldn't see it if they were - not that that would have aided in making a decision anyway.

12. This "gastropub" is adorable. The Mint. It's in an old bank in Bethlehem.

13. I'm not the biggest fan of Cracker Barrel but we were starving on our way home from getting Lizzie and didn't know where to stop. My chicken and dumplings were actually pretty good. I haven't been there in years.
Thinking about the big checker set we had on our living room coffee table and seeing these rockers... just kind of made me sad. That place always reminds me of Mum & Dad and all the times we would stop in Winchestertownville before the beach.

Oops - I went to number this and it looks like I went over my Ten. ;-) Keeping them in anyway= Thirteen on Tuesday

Monday, August 29, 2011


* Did you know that the usual expression is really deserts - one s... I remember reading that some time ago... desert - as well as a barren land also refers to a deserved reward or punishment. So someone that has done wrong is, in fact, getting his just deserts (with one s.) If you want more info - read this...

Ok - lesson over... tonight, I do mean desserts. ;-)

Today was a weird, weird day.

Aunt Gloria and I both had dentist appointments ... she gets so excited and loves these days out because she knows we end up going to lunch after. We had lunch at Caseys today. Lately, she always wants to get dessert when we go out. She says it might be her last time - she keeps saying she's old and she might drop dead so she might as well go for broke.
She was eating her chicken salad sandwich and fries and out of the blue said too bad Dave missed this. I never know if she forgets what's going on or got the wrong name and meant my dad or someone... I asked who she meant and she did mean him... she said she was thinking of our wedding and how nice it was. And then, with tears in her eyes, she said he never said goodbye to me - which broke my heart into a million pieces.

She said it with no regard to how I felt, though... I've been noticing the older someone gets the more selfish they seem... like a child - it's all about them. I wanted to scream out HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL but couldn't. It's not all about me, I guess.

On our way home, we had to stop at Walgreens for a couple things...a five minute trip usually takes way longer these days... I sometimes dread it because I'm usually in a hurry. The place was packed too - I knew this was going to be interesting when Glo (mis)read this sign and said it must be busy because they are giving away flu drops (not sure what she thought they really were)
but she said - we'll be quick - I don't want any drops anyway. ;-)

We were in there for 45 minutes!!!

We got what we needed and brought it to the register and there was a woman in front of us...She bought $133.33 worth of things on clearance... the salesgirl was laughing and said yesterday she (the same lady) bought $134.33 worth of things and she should go play trip 3s on the lottery. We all started talking and the salesgirl said she is in hair school in monroeville - she knows benny pusateri who I went to school with... she asked my name so she could tell him she met me...

The big clearance shopper lady heard and asked if I said DeLuca or DiGioia - I said both and she, of course, knew both... She asked if I was married to Tony (she was a patient) and asked if I was related to the state representative. Her daughter or niece or someone is married to his son. I thought that would be the last of it but then she came over and gave Aunt Gloria a kiss! She lovingly said THIS IS FROM THE POPE. She asked if she could kiss me too and I said sure and that was the start of our 30 minute conversation inside Walgreens next to the checkout... she told us she had three audiences with the Pope on a trip to Italy and feels blessed so she wants to pass it on... she told us all about her cruise and the apartment they rented and the steps she said the rosary on... she told us about the Basilica and washing her clothes and hanging them on the windows to dry... the paninis she ate with grilled vegetables and how they were wrapped in three different papers... I could go on and on. It was somewhat annoying and incredibly cute at the same time. We finally walked out and wouldn't you know - she was parked right next to me. I got Glo in and helped "uncle Red's wife Lorraine" (I can't remember her last name) with her hundred bags. She told me what was in each of them as I put them in the car - actual price and reduced price... she said she was buying them for Christmas gifts. I brought her cart back in the store and she thanked me and walked over to this young boy with Down's Syndrome who was in front of her car sitting on a bench.

Something tells me, after we pulled away, that boy got a KISS from the Pope. ;-)

Sunday, August 28, 2011


We've been talking about this for months. We never made it there when Lizzie moved in and we HAD to get there this trip. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! This was the first HomeGoods we've been to. It didn't disappoint. We love you, Bethlehem.

Look at this turquoise table! Thank goodness we didn't have room in the cars.
They had two whole aisles of pet stuff... and three whole aisles of Seasonal/Halloween stuff...
It was just a little too much to take in. Damn you, HomeGoods for being so fabulous! Lizzie said someone that works on the paper goes there every other day. I fear that I would be doing the same thing if I lived closer to one. I tried (my hardest) to limit my purchases. I did my usual and put everything that got my attention into the cart - to re-think as I go aisle by aisle (and to stop anyone else from grabbing it!) I tried to stick to my general $12.99 home accessory rule. If it's really fabulous and "me" and $12.99 or under - how can you not get it? Think about it and return it later if you want. Any more I have to come up with a really good reason to buy it. It's a good rule until you have 20 $12.99 things in your cart! I did put a lot back. I was proud of myself. I ended up with these really cute metal and wooden bugs, a pretty little halloween skeleton...
... a cute wooden flower bench and a work lunch bag...
Come on... the bugs and the skeleton and the flower (which is way cuter in real life) - so totally ME... the bag - I don't know... I just need to find the work. I'm planning ahead. ;-)

We didn't even make it to the Marshall's part of it - clothes, purses, shoes, etc! What was funny is when we got to Lizzie's she had this cute little dress on that she got from there. We probably could have spent hours there but we were starving and a little cranky.

Just for the record... you don't want to mess with us when we're hungry. ;-)

I want to mention this now since the hurricane has fizzled out to a tropical storm... and maybe I just like all this coverage a little too much because disasters are my thing - I just wish everyone would lay off the whole everyone made a bigger deal out of this thing than they needed to. It only takes one car flooded or roof torn off or tree falling down and killing a person to make it important to someone. If you don't like watching the coverage - turn it off. With that said - this was kind of funny. ;-)

Saturday, August 27, 2011


We felt like storm chasers yesterday... we were headed in the direction of Irene. We were excited to get some hurricane coverage on AM radio in the car so we were keeping up with what was going on. We went to Bethlehem for a "work trip." It's like Habitat for Humanity but it's really just Habitat for Lizzie. It's a lot of work to pack and unpack - trust me!!! It's not "all work and no play" though - that may be our problem... We didn't get to the "work" part of the trip until today.

There were some things on our must do list - 1. Make it to Yocco's this time. 2. Go to the Just Born factory and tell them it's really STUPID they don't have a tour (they are known to give candy bags to people that come in) and 3. Go to the Marshall's/HomeGoods store. We only got to one of those... #3. It was well worth missing the other ones, though!

Truthfully, we thought Lizzie would be going out with her Allentown friends last night - we were looking forward to hunkering down in our Hyatt Place beds and watching the weather channel all night. It turned out they went out the night before so, after our shopping spree at HomeGoods, we ended up going to Mama Nina's for a late dinner. It was packed. Papa sat us outside and the wine was poured and I had one of the best pasta dishes I've ever eaten - Chicken Fantasy over angel hair. SO good.
Lizzie decided she wanted to stay at the hotel with us so we went back to the house to get some of her things for the night. After unsuccessfully trying to break in (because she forgot her keys) we decided to just go back to the hotel. We ate our complimentary cannolis Nino gave us (for putting up with a hectic dinner crowd)
and decided to go wait for Jacob to get home so he could let us in to get her things - by now it's well after midnight and lizzie is dressed in Chrissy's robe. Here she is in the elevator looking like we just sprung her out of the looney bin. We almost peed our pants from laughing so hard.
Turns out copy editors were working overtime because of the storm and he didn't get home until way after his midnight shift. Some time after 1 am we made it back to the hotel to get not as much bed/weather channel time that we thought we would. ;-( Morning came a little too soon and we got to WORK!!!

There was more that we wanted to see and do but we had a lot of fun while we were there. Thanks and Bye to Bethlehem... Allentown... and Jacob and Holiday!

Friday, August 26, 2011



Teddy Roosevelt's diary the day his wife died.

Thursday, August 25, 2011



Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I always think of Cindy Brady when I see this magazine...
That damn Buddy Hinton!

Anyway, I had an appointment with my gynecologist today. As I was waiting (and waiting...) for my turn to be brought back... I was thinking about how long ago I first subscribed to these magazines. Let's just say - it's been a long time.

As I was sitting in the same chair - looking at the same surroundings and the same table with all those sample magazines on it... I was thinking about a particular day when I was there last year. I remember it as clear as today. It was a couple weeks after a trip to the ER where we spent many hours to later find out everything was ok and a little over a week after the ultrasound that showed no heartbeat and just a little under a week before the actual miscarriage. A span of three weeks when a lot happened. I sat not knowing what was going on or what I should do - wait it out or go in the hospital to finish things quickly.

{I don't like to edit... and I'm finding myself doing it now. I just deleted a couple paragraphs. I'm not sure why I did that and now I'm kind of pissed.} I'll have to get back to this thought - on an assumed insecurity on my part that is absolutely not correct. What's funny is, in a way, the last couple nights are repeating themselves from the time surrounding the day I talked about above. So very weird.

Anyway, I can't really say I was looking forward to my appointment. Not that I mind going... I just knew what was coming. "You can't wait Jeannine..." - we talked about tests and bloodwork and options and costs and how difficult is will be for me to adopt now (another funny thing as I have this Mother and Child movie on Starz playing in the background.)

It's just a lot to think about...with an already confused mind.

So as I sit here eating Jane Seibel's banana nut bread (which is kind of funny as well) I still don't know what the fuck I'm going to do. It's delicious though... so I guess I'll leave it at that for tonight.

I think it's time to go put myself to bed.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Not really. ;-(

I was at the cemetery this afternoon... my mother died 17 years ago today. I stopped at Dairy Queen after.
I was in the parking lot on my phone on Facebook (eating my hot fudge sundae) when I saw a post from The Morning Call newspaper in Allentown saying there was an earthquake... then they all started coming in - a girlfriend from DC... some people here in town... Right before that a completely primered 1980 something car pulled up right next to me... there was some muscle dude in it and he gave me a little smile and a nod and was just sitting there checking his phone. He was unintentionally blocking me from backing out so I was a little concerned about that and what he was actually up to. Anyway, the bass was so loud on his stereo I wouldn't have felt anything but that anyway!

What's funny is as I was placing flowers on my mother's grave I asked her a question and told her to give me a sign. I don't know if that was her response or not but nice job, Joge, if it was! You know I love a good disaster. ;-)

I have a lot to say about this day but I don't want to right now - I'm just starting to feel a little better and need to get some things done for an appointment tomorrow. I feel like if I act on my thoughts now it just may put me over the edge so I guess this earthquake will take precedence today. I think my mother will understand.

No disrespect to anyone that had any damage from this freaky quake but I have to say I laughed when I saw this...
caption read: An earthquake that measured 5.8 on the Richter scale devastated the Eastern Seaboard this afternoon, toppling lawn chairs and causing loose change to jingle on hard surfaces. Residents are hoping to be able to rebuild as soon as possible.

I think it's safe to say with the earthquake in Colorado last night and the one in Virginia today (I just heard there was one in Youngstown earlier today too) and the Hurricane fast approaching... Mother Earth is a little cranky.

You and me both, Mother Earth. I completely understand.

Monday, August 22, 2011



It started yesterday... I haven't thrown up this much in a long time. It's a combination of things, I know. The little bud is a true companion on days like this. She is the sweetest thing ever. We sat on the couch and watched Face Off twice and the Lily Dale thing again. I didn't realize I forgot to eat all day yesterday and today... I had mashed potatoes a little bit ago. They are not magic like I thought they were. ;-( I think it has to be three "sleepy" pills tonight - at least.

Sunday, August 21, 2011



Saturday, August 20, 2011


The Dad's party was tonight...
Lily participated in her first corn hole competition...

... she did her best to intercept every toss .
She got disqualified from the game because of too many violations so we left the boys to play and eat and we went over to NLC.
Chrissy saw an article in the paper about Lily Dale over a year ago and we've been trying to get to Inspiration Stump ever since. The season is ending soon and we are having a hard time finding a time that works so we watched the HBO documentary as our virtual adventure in case we don't make it there until next year.

This little pup is pooped - I don't think we're going to make it to Bark in the Park tomorrow. We need some time to rest.

Friday, August 19, 2011


The power was out for almost 5 hours tonight... I wish I could have enjoyed that and taken a nap. No such luck... no rest for the weary, I guess.

When the power was restored - almost instantly - it smelled like onions and garlic. The Dad got a late start on his sauce and I've been doing everything else.

I've come to the conclusion that there are few greater joys than standing over the pot dipping bread in the sauce - especially at 1 AM. The only thing that would be better is if I had the energy to make some coffee. I don't so I'm going to bed...

Goodnight sauce - see you in the morning.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


The Dad is having a party. I told him I would meet him at Sam's. I was early so I sat in the parking lot for a little bit. I cried for twenty minutes. I finally regained my composure enough to go in... there was just a sick feeling the whole time I was in there. The Halloween stuff was out...

...that didn't even cheer me up.

There was this fabulous $149.00 collapsible wagon - I don't really know what I would do with it but it was nice - as far as collapsible wagons go.
...and I saw this really neat step ladder...
...which I just may have to go back for. You know - so I can just bring it to storage for the time being until I get a house. There's a cute tray on top to put your tools and paint on and the steps are wide. I like that. I was on a ladder in high heels the other day trying to get the kitchen border down. I do strange things like that. I like to live on the edge.

The clothes...the books... the giant package of mechanical pencils...nothing really made me happy. Well, the cash registers did for a second. I always wanted to buy a cash register.

I feel beat up today. I slept about three hours (even with two of my go to sleep pills) and was up early to get to an appointment. I haven't washed my hair in a week. I actually went out like that. I plopped on the couch in my psychologist's office with dirty hair - and could have cared less. Since the beginning of the week I've felt like I was in a fire and my husband is dead and my stuff is all displaced and scattered and gone. I've had it. If it wasn't for the Bud I don't think I would have come home.

The Bud and the cheese in the back of my car.
Which I just ate (at 11:40 pm) a little too much of.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011



...well, you know - we all want to change the world.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


1. By the looks of some of the characters there the answer is probably NO and even knowing that I do have some hoarder tendencies I still, as I was putting it in there, did wonder if I was the only one with a shopping cart in her storage unit?
I tried to justify it by saying it was just a little one. ;-)

2. Sometimes I want to be blonde again.

3. I have to delete some photos from Iphoto so I can download the rest of the lake pictures...I didn't get the actual picture of Lily's paws touching the water for the first time because I was too concerned (aka paranoid!) about her getting washed away. I wanted to make sure I was watching her for real and not through the lens - this is right before, though.

4. I've decided I'm definitely an ocean girl - though the lake was better than I expected. I still like hearing the waves and that was missing. While we were there we had craft day and did some mosaicing. Mine is downstairs somewhere waiting to be grouted - I'll take a picture of it later... these are Carey's.

5. I totally want this outfit. A Wonder Woman one would be cuter, though.

6. Good idea - "For a discrete and convenient paper towel roll location, remove a drawer and install a paper towel holder in its place."

7. I'm not the only one, right? ;-)

8. found on Pinterest

9. Old but still a very good video clip... Christian the Lion. I guess it's not only elephants that "never forget."

10. The dangers of leaving your pug alone with your laptop... they get all silly on Photo Booth!

Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm in pain for a lot of reasons tonight... I'm going to bed.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I can't remember if I posted before about the nest that was outside Katherine's window in her closet during move in day a couple months ago. Chrissy thought that everyone was gone from it awhile ago. I thought I saw a bird coming back and forth on saturday, though. When I went upstairs in the closet I saw a poor baby there in the nest with furry feathers here and there - none down the middle and he was kind of laying on his side breathing funny. It looks like the mama bird is still coming back to keep an eye on it and feed it but I don't think it's going to last much longer. I forgot to go back and take a picture - this one from my phone didn't turn out...just wanted to remember this poor little thing. ;-(