Saturday, February 28, 2015

Silly pup… ;-)

Friday, February 27, 2015

I'm off so that means I'm being forced to go to storage. First, this happened.

FYI - I ate about 1/3 of my breakfast. Pretty much the toast and davey eggs. I somehow thought if I ate I wouldn't be as nauseous as I started out but that really didn't work out as planned.

Storage pretty much consisted of us staring at things and me putting these in the car.

We decided the only thing left to do was wait for Cara to get off work and go to dinner.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I just got home from work and Chrissy called to see if I wanted to ride down with her to take Katherine to her class at the glass center.  We had a few hours to kill so we ended up at The Yard for grilled cheese sandwiches…

I got a pretty basic one which was ok with me… bacon and a fried egg. Nom nom nom.

Chrissy's actually had macaroni and cheese on it. Whaaaaat!?!

I have to ask a very important question… How do you cut your sandwich??? Rectangle or Triangle? I am definitely a diagonal girl.

It's a long class so we had no choice but to have dessert before we picked her up…

… and, as expected, Katherine got back in the car and said - where are we going to eat?!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Man do they love this puppy dog at work.  It really is amazing what pet therapy can do.  I just wish both the pup and I  had more energy. She's been pooping out on me and I'm not far behind.  Usually, after every wing of a floor, she comes back to the office to get a drink and take a little nap. Here she is falling asleep on the job.

The residents are all concerned - you shouldn't have the baby out in this weather… it's too late for her to be out…  I can't figure out if she's better in the day or in the evening.  All I know is they love when she comes to visit.  I'm off the next few days so I couldn't wait to get into my after school clothes and not have to worry about leaving the house… the pup couldn't wait for me to get changed so she could snuggle.

She's such a good little pup.  She made so many people happy tonight. Love the Bud.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

We were sitting eating dinner and, strangely,  The Dad said, I wonder what it's like at home.

I was kind of confused and said what do you mean?

He said, at Dixon House.

I kind of just shrugged and said, well - it's not really my

He shook his bull dog head and rolled his eyes and said,  I wonder if the pipes burst.

I said, I bet the water is turned off. I don't know if that matters… does that matter?

I don't know if he didn't hear me or was ignoring me but he didn't answer. He just said,  I miss that house.

I said, yeah - I know - me too.

And we continued eating.

I remember you when you were warm, Dixon House...



I'm sorry if you are cold now. ;-(

Friday, February 20, 2015

Chrissy is mad at me - She wanted to celebrate Christmas today with Cara (yes, we haven't exchanged gifts yet even though we've seen each other a billion times since christmas) and I wanted a snow day.  I was off today and wanted to be able to get up whenever I wanted to, not get dressed, lounge on the couch with the pup and not have to worry about anything until I had to get dinner ready.  Just a few hours of doing nothing. NOTHING. I haven't been feeling that great and I'm completely running on empty… so SNOW DAY it was!  Sorry, Chrissy.  It turned out she wasn't feeling well either so it all worked out in the end.  ;-)

I got up at 7 am and went out to the couch with my blanket and pillow - The Bud actually didn't get out of bed until an hour or so later to join me.  I like snuggling up on the couch and watching movies - which usually means watching the first 15 minutes and then falling back to sleep. I ended up staying awake - I watched The Shining - which was pretty appropriate for this frozen, snowy day… Did you hear about this comparison between The Shining and Frozen?  It's pretty good. ;-)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

No lie… I think Gettin' Jiggy Wit It may be the best song every recorded… Did you see Will Smith on Letterman? OMG  The shots cutting to the audience clapping are seriously cracking me up.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I still question which ham I'm supposed to get at the store… the pointy one OR the flat one.  I want to call Mum every time.  I finally put it in my phone but I laugh every single time. Around Christmas time The Dad asked Chrissy how to make ham salad - somehow I never did in all these years…  We've been making it pretty often.  I'm even just buying a slice and making it.  It's getting pretty funny.

Monday, February 16, 2015

So, I was really hoping yesterday would have been low key. Instead I got a call from the nursing home. They told me Glo fell.    She was at the nurses station harassing them as she normally does and said she was feeling dizzy.  Before they could get to her she fell backwards - slamming her head off the floor - knocking herself out. She was unresponsive.  They were getting ready to do CPR and she gasped for breath…   The ambulance took her to the trauma center and I met them there… 7 hours later she was sent home - they couldn't find anything wrong.

To make matters worse, the hospital wanted me to transport her back to the facility myself.  I had to fight with them to get her an ambulance back.  I met them back at the nursing home and as I got off the elevator I heard a scream - not her.  Turns out one of the EMS was trying to get her bed rail off to slide her into the bed from the gurney and he hit himself in the face with it and knocked his front tooth out.  How do these things happen???  I felt terrible for the poor guy - he was the cutest thing, too, and now he looks like  a jack-o-lantern.  I know this has nothing to do with me but I couldn't help question - WHY ME?  Why do all these weird things happen?  Even though she looks terrible - turns out they couldn't find anything wrong?!?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

40 years of SNL is on tonight...

I get a lot of email from this one post I made awhile ago regarding a John Belushi skit from SNL in the 1980s… just saw there is a reddit comment linking my post too… Why can no one find this!?  It was definitely John but I see the discrepancy now - he died in '82 but from what we are finding the episode aired in '84???  I think I google searched and found the season and episode number but is that right?!?  I think I'm going to have to just contact SNL myself.

It will be 33 years, March 5th, since John Belushi was found in Bungalow number 3 of the Chateau Marmont… he was 33. Funny, funny guy.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Today is Carey's 40th birthday.  40. How the heck did that happen?!? Wasn't she just rolling around in the leaves?! ;-)  We celebrated by being locked in a room for an hour this morning…  We managed to escape in record time… I think we had 14 or 17 minutes left.  Yes.  We rock.  If you haven't done it yet - I highly recommend it. We did Dr. Stein's Lab.

We went to the synagogue and back to Carey's for cake and the weather was going from bad to worse. I got stuck in the snow storm on the way back to The Dad's.  Note to self...  Never buy a fake SUV again.  Did I tell you how much I hate this car?

…it was actually pretty driving in it until I spun around near bakery square... it got a hundred times worse in about ten minutes. I was actually a little scared.

I finally made it back and we had our annual heart packaged dinner…

… I made chocolate covered strawberries among other things…

Lily ended the night doing caterpillar impersonations.

…and that concluded Valentine's day.

Friday, February 13, 2015

I remember making igloos with those snow block things  - I would have them all over the backyard.  I can't believe I don't have any 35 year old pictures of those things.  If I do, I can't find them… Actually, I can't believe I don't have the brick molds!

I wanted to make a snowman so I took the pup out and surprised her with my snowman kit…

She seemed interested…

…but it was short lived.  She was too cold and started banging on the door to go back in. This is as far as we got. ;-(

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I completely forgot that I went to the dermatologist last week as well as forgot they were supposed to call me.  I was off today and I saw the call come through from the office - then I remembered.  I debated for 1/2 a second if I should just let it go to voice mail.  I didn't want to deal with it and, honestly, I figured they were just going to say that everything was fine, as the doctor expected. When I was leaving she said "don't lose sleep over this."  Well it turns out she was wrong.  It is skin cancer. I don't have time for this.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

It was Uncle Anthony's celebration of life this weekend.   His ashes were in his humidor.

There were tons of pictures of a life well lived… with the boys and Aunt Cookie and Paula and friends and family… even Dave.  Everyone but Barbie! ;-)  He'll be buried with Aunt Cookie, as he should be, I guess. There's part of me that feels bad for Paula.  She brought him back to be with his first wife and now she goes home alone - literally and figuratively.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I have not been sleeping for more than a couple hours a night…  When I do fall asleep (usually around 2 am) I wake up an hour later thinking it's time to get up… If I do fall asleep again, I usually wake up from some nightmare - typically involving me walking around the main floor of Dixon House or Lily getting hit by a car. It's like Groundhog Day every single time. These side effects from these pills are killing me - probably literally. I'm barely getting by anymore - barely getting to work on time... I took a couple half days when I was really sick and couldn't breathe.  I'm exhausted and forgetful and scattered and feel like I'm spinning almost all the time.  I'm angry and annoyed at everyone… I can't stand if anyone is too close and invading my space…  I've had to leave stores because I'm so agitated. I feel like I'm drowning - all day - every day.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I'm not going to go through every commercial… just a few.

I'll always be a sucker for a good truck commercial... I want my Nissan back… or I'm going to go back to a Jeep - that Renegade intrigues me a little… I think the 100 years of Dodge was the best commercial.

That Pay With Lovin' commercial made me cry.

I actually liked the Go Daddy clip they ran - zero layer dip… that was funny.

The meninists shouldn't be too upset about the #likeagirl hashtag… it was all about the DADvertising. Though, I will say girls aren't the only ones that have self esteem issues.... Little girls can do whatever they want.  So can little boys even though they don't buy their maxi pads.   Chill out  - it's the Super Bowl.

Speaking of chilling out… you know dead kids are my thing!  If you want to talk tasteless though, I think this wins.  I get the concept and the slap in the face wake up call… cute kid, beautifully shot… boom - I see dead people!  I understand it was a shock type ad, obviously. but there was a different way to approach it - I know the movement to prevent childhood accidents is a hard thing to talk about and people (kids and adults) die over silly things…what about those parents watching the game that lost their children - that will never see their son graduate from college or see their daughter get married. They were trying to enjoy themselves and watch a f-ing football game.  Make this a webisode or an online PSA - wrong time and place, in my opinion.

One good thing came of it -  the twitter comments were hilarious!