Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Dad went to the gun bash so I have a few hours to myself. Thank God.  The pup and I are hunkered down on the computer working on some art classes.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Some times I can't get out of the house - like physically leave.  I wander from room to room and it just gets later and later.  If I have the opportunity to stay in, I will usually choose it… Sometimes I hear a voice forcing me to do what's right… The voice sounds like Chrissy's voice and it always tells me to go to storage.  We are STILL trying to get two units down to one because it's just costing me so much money. We are failing miserably.

I didn't feel that great this morning so this was the perfect example of a day I just wanted to stay in… I was going to meet a coworker in the wee hours of the morn at the thrift store b/c everything was half off and I saw something earlier in the week that I wanted… I never made it.  Chrissy was out that way so she went in and scoped it out and found what I wanted - still there.  So what did she do? Yes, in the car it went. As much as she tries to help me get rid of stuff she will sometimes aide in my obsession to save the abandoned furniture of the world.  I didn't really "need" this piece but thought I could use it for a painting class I want to take. It was $7.00.

I headed out to meet her so we could bring it right to storage and, of course, we got distracted by lunch.  All these years of going there, I finally got something OTHER than a burger at Burgatory…

We went to storage and it was freezing - after a bit of complaining (mostly from me) I finally convinced her we had to leave - I felt like my fingers were going to fall off. So we went to HomeGoods and Marshals and Tuesday Morning - I only bought gifts.  Nothing for me .  well one thing for me. This chick that I painted because I thought it would be cuter yellow.

Then we waited for Cara to get home from work and met her for dinner… and, for someone that didn't want to leave the house, I ended up being out all night.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I worked late tonight. I went up to see Glo and her hair was braided. I still don't know who did it.  I guess one of the aides gave her a shower and did her hair. They often will play and do hair and give manicures…  Glo wasn't impressed, of course, but it was a sweet gesture.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The combo of 123 is near and dear to my heart.  I used to play 123 with Uncle Tony all the time. Anyway, we planned a girls shopping and eating day with Cara, today, on 3/21.  Started out with lunch at Lupi and Leo's.

We stopped off at Goodwill because I was looking for something for work.  We did find some interesting things though like this cake plate… Sad.  I wonder if one or both of them died and their treasured dish was shipped off to the thrift store.

… or maybe Susette and/or Robert are in need of this mug?

We did more shopping and had dinner at Oliver's Pourhouse for one of our faves - their Chicken Romano

There really is no good place for dessert and we didn't plan ahead so after a stop off at Target for bins we ran into Giant Eagle to each choose our own dessert…  You know how I love the cake slices!

FOR TWO?!?  Says who?  We really should have brought pajamas because we ended the night with a late, late movie complete with Target popcorn.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Did you hear the story about KDR?

I'm certainly not defending any of this - I just hope this doesn't get blown out of proportion.

Stupid frat boys need to get their act together...

So do drunk ass girls.

To the dudes - don't post topless pics of girls in your frat house.

Dudettes - don't be nude and unconscious in frat houses.

And if that dumpster is still there on the road to KDR - don't pee behind it.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Have you sent this dirty dancing commercial for some healthcare company?

I'm peeing my pants.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

We had a surprise 40th birthday party for Carey…
Somehow, we all managed to pull it off - even though we probably should have had a run through on the "surprise" part… Ok - on 7… everyone say surprise! ;-)

We had a delicious dinner and a fun time.  I't really isn't a party, though, until your mom breaks out the baked goods - carrot cake and brownies direct from a friends bakery in California.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Did you see this Seattle pig in dog obedience class???

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It's that time of year again…

Saturday, March 7, 2015

...kind of blah.  I'm a little disappointed with the new colors announced today. I'm a sage girl with a lot of things but I'm not feeling the Fiestaware sage for some reason. I like the slate a little better. Not loving that one either…

Thursday, March 5, 2015

I needed to get my car inspected and I don't have that many days off this month so I decided to keep my morning appointment.  Chrissy was going to meet me but she couldn't get off her street and The Dad told me he had a meeting and couldn't get me until the afternoon.  Yeah, you heard me, right.  WTF?  Anyway, I decided to just mess around on my own.  Luckily I brought some stuff with me to do while I waited.

I walked over to Kings with my bag of papers to go through… I'm not a big fan but I do like the veg soup…

…and you can't go wrong with mashed potatoes…

…and my fave - cinnamon ice cream.

I had to waste some time! It wasn't enough time though.  Cara texted me the bus schedule to get to the waterworks - like that was going to happen!    I debated on walking over to Target but didn't know if I could on the main street with the snow and the traffic.

I seriously considered getting a room at the hotel next to Kings. My arm was hurting and I was like, fuck it, I'm just staying the day and I really wanted to take a nap!  I decided to mess around in McDonald's for awhile instead… so I got a tea and fries. I just ate but I felt like I had to order something.

I didn't eat the fries - I haven't been able to since I saw them referred to as cancer sticks in some article I read. I set up shop at a table there and did a few things. I pretty much exhausted the amount of time I thought was appropriate to loiter in McDonald's when I finally got a call from the car place. I headed over there and waited for awhile and went on my merry way.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I have to say I gasped when Steve came back last season - apparently the cast was unaware of it too. Now, Jimmy/Steve/Jack is back! Whoo-hoo.

Well, wait. I don't know how I feel about this…

There really is nothing worse than a liar, right?

Especially when the liar is dressed in truth's clothing.

Monday, March 2, 2015

I remember, after my boob surgery, wanting to lay on the couch (that I had at Dixon House) with a blanket and the remote.  Instead, The Dad got the hell out of dodge and I got in my bed with the pup and Chrissy fell asleep in the living room here.  I remember after all the miscarriages laying on that Dixon House couch watching movies - Dave picked up take out and in no time at all - all was well in the world.  Or at least mine. Until the next thing.

I wanted to lounge on those couches today…

I went for my surgery for the skin cancer.  They said I could go myself and I wanted to, though I questioned if I would be able to drive or back up and get out of the parking space.  I ended up pulling through in the parking lot so I could get out with no problem. So the only thing I had to worry about was backing into the driveway.

I would be fine on my own.

I always am.

Chrissy insisted she meet me at the plastic surgeon's office. They were running late.  Really late. They finally called me back and I waited some more. The whole procedure didn't take too long, though it seemed like it took three hours for him to stitch me up.  I kept asking how many stitches I was getting and he just kept saying "lots."

We went to eat after and, honestly, I  just wanted to get back to bed.  When I walked in the house, though, I felt a little sick. It just hit me that I wasn't going to go up and lay on that Dixon House couch and David wasn't going to pick up take out. Instead, I had about 45 minutes before The Dad got back.  I hurried up and jumped into bed kind of shaking. I didn't plan anything for dinner (neither did he) but he did make me an egg sandwich eventually.  You know, his specialty and cure all for everything.

I wanted to be by myself for awhile even though "by myself" was the last thing I wanted. Does that make sense? I  took today off since the surgery was at a weird time  I should have taken tomorrow off. My arm is starting to hurt now and I'm worried about pushing wheelchairs or a resident grabbing me or getting MRSA.

And I miss those couches and, you know…

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I guess it's time to put the Christmas stuff away.