Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I hate waking up the pup when I have to go to work… I think I've mentioned - we have a little song,  that starts - wake up, wake up you sleepy headit's time to get out of bed... It doesn't work very often. She usually just looks at me like - are you seriously trying to get me out of this bed?!

Monday, August 29, 2016

I think I've complained about bikers before… I hate when they don't follow the rules of the road…
This dude must have had ants in his pants…

He was all over the road and couldn't wait for the light to turn green.

In fact, he didn't… and went right through it.

I wanted to go after him and make a citizens arrest but I didn't. I looked it up - you are considered a vehicle when you are on the road. This guy is a stupid head.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

I literally sent this picture to my therapist as a cry for help because I bought even more jello molds after our discussion about how many I already had.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


It was the annual yard sale in Chrissy's old neighborhood in Penn Hills…

I ventured out for a little bit… I picked up a little pin that I thought we could re-create for the residents… (50 cents)

,,,and this chicken. (one dollar)

Then I went to Sheetz and got this frozen mocha for I think the 5th time in 10 days.

I'm back posting this… since then I went on to get even more until I looked up the ingredients in the mix and now I'll never get them again… it was good while it lasted, I guess. ;-(

Friday, August 26, 2016

Katherine is moving to Philadelphia so she wanted to have once last day out with her (imaginary gay) mom's… We went to My Sister's Bistro for lunch and headed to Ligonier to do some antique shopping.

I wanted this platter but I couldn't get it because I'm divorced and don't have a husband.

There were lots of things I wanted… after my freak out the other day I was trying to be good. I only got a couple things including this old Avon perfume dispenser.

Pelos all around, of course, and I took them to one of the Roadside Attractions I was familiar with. It's the journey people - you will not just get to the destination with me.

We stopped at The Summit Diner for dinner

Hot turkey sandwiches…

We reminisced about all the things we've done and talked about plans for the future and it was a really nice, exhausting day.  Good Luck, Katherine. Can't wait to come visit. XO


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

We had a little going away party for a young volunteer that worked in our department. Look how cute this cake is with the bouquet in an ice cream cone…

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My mother died 22 years ago today. It's almost as many years as the age I was when she died. I was 23… We were discussing Lizzie's wedding and talking about how I went to get my wedding dress myself - I think Glo came once with me for a fitting - but I pretty much did everything by myself… and all the other things I did/do alone... That's what kind of made me mad when DCD acted like he did so much for and with me and pretty much made it out that I was incapable of living without him… It still doesn't make any sense and I, more and more, want to tell Pat off - still.  She is one of the top three key players in that chapter of my life and I shouldn't give her any of my energy but there are things I need to say so we'll get to her soon.  Anyway, I get more sad certain times… when I see family christmas card pics… when you see all the kids in their halloween costumes… back to school pics. It's hard to believe that I'll never make school lunches for my kids. I hate that. I still have visions of my kids doing homework around the kitchen island…and getting ready for bed and putting the book bags together… like I said, takes my breath away. I decided to make my own school lunch today. I'm not sure if it made me happy or more sad.


Monday, August 22, 2016

I have some plans… I just need some space… I'm in panic mode with The Dad not feeling good and me not feeling good and all these ideas spinning around in my head. It's hard to catch my breath.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

I think we first saw Sticks furniture in Philly at the American Pie Crafts Gallery which is no longer there. I believe that was the first Richard Dunbrack we saw too… I put my plaque out on my desk. I added some pins to one of the felt cacti too… This is the only real Sticks I have. I made several pieces - a la sticks - that are scattered about. I wish I had a place for them… a lazy susan and a big calendar, among other things.  I miss being surrounded by the things I love for lack of space.I need a few more rooms and an attic and maybe a couple detached garages. That's all.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

I need to stop this - I know I do. It's really just the thrill of the hunt.  I freaked out when I got back to the house today. I feel like I'm on drugs and can't stop..
There was a house sale on Clematis where Chrissy used to live… you know, these houses are really cute.

Some times I think we were idiots staying in Mt lebanon because of the school district when we didn't even have any kids… We should have moved way back when but Pat and Jack probably made that impossible then too. Idiots.

I just got a jewelry holder - I have a few other ones - for my Mariana bracelets… this looked like it was barely used and was way cheaper than buying new so I think I got a good deal.

Then I found this cookbook at another sell off of Shenandoah.  I didn't know this existed. I'm surprised that I don't have it. IDK - maybe I do? Found it on ebay for a little under $50.00. I paid $1.

After, I went to Millers in Verona and back to Thrift King… I'm not even going to post the pics b/c I should be ashamed of myself… I didn't spend a lot it's just a lot of stuff including these…

… which I'm pretty positive I already have the same ones packed up in storage???

I have a problem.

Friday, August 19, 2016

I found these guys downstairs from long long ago… I think that one had an arrangement from when my Grandmother died in the 80's.  Gave them a bath. I'm going to put them all in my Mom's old china cupboard, I think…

…I found a pink Infant de Prague at Thrift King for a couple dollars and I liked the trees on the little one!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Note to self - don't make a gyne appointment during Bloomfield's Italian Festival
They were just setting up…

I feel like I waited forever… I swear about 10 sales reps came in and were all so super annoying…

This kind of made me sad…

God we had a ton of them in the medicine closet going up to Over 2… with all my cute little hotel soaps that got thrown out…

I stopped at Home Goods… Uh Oh - The Halloween stuff is out.

…the  met Chrissy for dinner at that place in Monroeville…  I always get weirded out by it… I'm not sure why we keep thinking we like it. Blah.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Field Trip to Millers in Irwin today… we figured it was nice and flat and open and, turns out,  everyone had a good time.

My crew laughs but part of me really, really wants to have an entire room of these kind of pictures. 
I don't think it would be creepy at all - at least now. I don't know when there's a room of 50 of them if it would be. I'm thinking kitchy Haunted Mansion but it may be more like Room of Doom?

We took them to the McDonald's Museum… 
We are still kind of not eating meat so I got this…
One of the residents said he always gets a Big Mac made with Quarter Pounders…
Ask and you shall receive.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sugar free for The Dad… All Natural for me…

Doggie Cup for The Pup.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

We headed to the 15 mile yard sale today through New Bedford, Pulaski, New Wilmington and Volant.

Ted drove so most of my pelo pics are blurry or look like this…

I did get some ok ones… there were like a thousand.  
I think I managed to get 22 or so.

We got some garlic and donuts, among other things...

… and birch beer, of course.

I feel like we were out for 15 days… I need a nap.

Friday, August 12, 2016

I think I've mentioned this once or twice or ten times before… I always would sing You Are My Sunshine to my dogs and replace the sunshine with my dog's name… "You are my Lily.  My only Lily. You make me happy…"

Chrissy and I headed out to Kittanning today… we went to The Copper Door where we've been to several times and a new place - The Rustique Log Cabin & Elk Mountain Winery. I found this wooden banner there. Love. Love. Love.

We went into town to a little place that sells Curly Tail Coffee…

We came across this jewelry store that had crime tape on the door (from what seemed like a good while ago) and an overturned plant in the doorway. It literally seemed like time stood still. I think all the clocks were stuck at the same time. Creepy.

We went to St. Vincent's which was really nice and old. I found a bunch of stuff there but it was like supermarket sweep because we got in and they were closing in like 9 minutes.  This NIGHT CLOTHES section makes me smile.

I ended up buying the exact same crewel painting that I already had… what are the chances of that?!? Strange. I had a feeling that it reminded me of something but I was under a time crunch and had to make a decisions to purchase or not.

We stopped at some other little shop… they had these Kelly Rae Roberts paperweights in there with no price but the lady didn't know what they were so when I asked her how much she said 50 cents - for both.

Saw this sign on the way to lunch…

Bad corner. Bad.

We ate at Villa Rosa. I got the Chicken Ala Mafia.

We passed by this place which I knew from my Roadside Attractions love affair.. We plan to return.  For now - I turned around to take a pic.

See you again, Muffler Man.