Wednesday, June 30, 2010



I had a Silver Star Shamanic Manifesting meditation and guided imagery workshop tonight. I'm exhausted! Just got back from 2+ hours in Dorit's little living room with 9 other people - 7 girls and 2 guys.

It definitely was an experience. Dorit played the singing bowls throughout. We were told that on top of all the other aspects of the experience since the bowls induce alpha wave activity it's the equivalent of a full body massage. I wasn't sure I could make the drive home and am looking forward to getting in bed with the puppy!

The meditations were beyond fantastic - besides for the guy beside me snoring a little too much! With all of us laying around on our yoga mats I was, though, slightly reminded of an HBO Real Sex episode I saw many, many (like 20) years ago! But I do think everyone should experience something like this. I did realize and completely validated the fact that I truly am NOT a group type of girl. The "sit around and discuss" part of things is definitely not my cup of tea. I'm all for the shared experience and mentoring has its place but the validation from others is not something I personally need and am totally ok with that. I do see how it did help some people in our group. So whatever floats your boat, I guess!

I may not have needed validation from my group tonight but I was acknowledged by Keely today for taking care of her puppy. I will accept that. ;-)

On a side note, I'm so weird I had to go buy a special pillow to match my yoga mat. Peace Love & Happiness! Aggie blanket came along too. She's my traveling blanket and I haven't spent much time with her lately so I figured she would be a good, comfy companion.

Anyway, Dorit loved the pillow and thought it was most appropriate for this evening - so good purchase to me! Maybe that will cancel out the guilt of buying this for Lily today!?!

Poor Lily Bud - I guess I'm trying to compensate her for her loneliness with expensive furniture. I feel like I haven't spent any quality time with her the last few days because I've been so busy. I think I may have let Crosby out more than her yesterday! I may have to take her out for another Lily day on Friday... and still hoping she gets that bath soon - she may be going in the wash tub! ;-0

Off to manifest my dreams... Good night all.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Ten on Tuesday (random thoughts)

1. I LOVE Lily's hrmph face. She always looks so bored when she does that. (Click photo for a closer look.) I love how she usually stacks all her toys up around her too. She's been into making a fort on the bed under the pillows lately.

2. I was in Target last night and the guy behind me had one little card and I had a hundred things. I told him to go in front of me and he was so appreciative. You would have thought I gave him a million dollars. Do you let people go ahead of you in the checkout line if they only have a few things? I usually do.

3. This picture makes me nervous.

4. Along with this and this and this... my latest obsession is The Steel Fork.

5. I was at my Dad's the other day and he came upstairs like this:

I asked him why he had two different shoes on and he looked at me like that was a ridiculous question and said Lily wanted to play with one of the other ones. Duh?

6.Speaking of bored...

7. I stumbled across this and think I need to go here immediately. And - as my Dad would say: they have an app for that!

8. I'm checking in on the neighbors dog, Crosby, today while they are at Kennywood.

I took him for a long walk this afternoon and we came back and he peed in our yard. I guess he wanted to be close to home.

9. Just saw a commercial on tv that Kenny G has a new album and thinking of that year when concerts were a big thing with us. Thank goodness for that or I could never say I got to see Peabo Bryson live! I can check that off my bucket list. ;-)

10. If it wasn't bad enough that I cheated a ten year old sales clerk out of $8 last week... I took Lily for a walk and this sign was in the middle of the sidewalk.

Couldn't figure out where it came from - all the other signs were where they should have been. My love of all things junk and strange made me take it home. Now I'm going to be responsible for someone polluting the waterways because of the missing sign... Me and BP - totally going to hell!

Monday, June 28, 2010



Remember the game Labyrinth? I used to love that. Carey and I used to play that all the time. That isn't what this post is about though. ;-)

Unlike the game - which is technically a maze, I guess, because there are multiple choices - Labyrinths have one way in and one way out. They are a walking meditation. We walked the labyrinth a couple years ago at the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach.

A few years back, my reflexologist, Dorit Brauer, traveled cross country (on a motorcycle) and walked 46 labyrinths. That's a road trip! She designed and built the (seven circuit) one at the Cameron Wellness Center in Washington, PA. It was intentionally moved (aka vandalized - but she wanted to keep it positive so she didn't use the V word...) She re-built it and today was the rededication ceremony.

There were 12 of us plus Dorit. She did a brief history, read more about labyrinths here, an opening and closing meditation and played the singing bowls as we all walked it.

We were told your reflection and release continues after you have finished walking the path - for days later. I did some shopping after and realized I forgot to take a picture of the sign that went with the labyrinth - those that know me know that the "sign" is just as important as the actual picture! Anyway, on my way home I went back to the Center and as soon as I got out of the car it started pouring... I didn't know if that was the heavens crying or the rain washing the past away... maybe it was a little of both. I never did get that picture, though. ;-)

The ride back reminded me of a crazy ride on that road not too long ago so I decided to stop and "feed my soul" with something really BAD - french fries and a chocolate milkshake from McDonald's - which I haven't had in a very long time. That only made matters worse because as I drove out I saw tables that reminded me of this from several years ago:

She really was a traveling dog... Lily has some big paws to fill and needs to get out and see the sights a little more... The trail at the Center is dog friendly so I'm thinking Lily may have to go for a ride soon and we'll get that picture after all!

To find a labyrinth near you... check out the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator.

Sunday, June 27, 2010



I found her at the grocery store last night and figured she had to come home with me! She's actually an octopus but so is (big girl) Spider I think! They have become best of friends already.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


You gotta love the pug head tilt.

Friday, June 25, 2010



12 years ago...


Some bunny is all grown up.

Thursday, June 24, 2010



For the last couple days Lily has looked a little sad. I know, with that FACE, how can I even TELL if she's sad? Something just seems a little off with her. I don't know what her problem is. I wish she could talk sometimes! Maybe it's just her boo-boo on her face and I think her ears are bothering her a little bit. To try to cheer her up I kind of made it a spa day for her. That's so completely normal, right?!? Cheering your dog up with a spa day? That's what I thought. ;-)

We stopped downtown to give The Dad a kiss - well, to drop off a letter. The kiss was a bonus.

I took her to get her nails done and she went on her "after nail cutting walk" along Hickman Street.

The nail cutting went well except for the fact that I now look like I should be under a 72 hour suicide watch. From wrist to elbow, it looks like one of Siegfried and Roy's tigers attacked me!!! I was holding her and they cut her back claws first so when it was time for the front - her newly sharpened nails dug right into my arm. We stopped for lunch after - she had a salad with grilled chicken and watercress. She didn't - but that's what she would have chosen off of the spa menu if she could have.

Then she got brushed and her face cleaned and her ears cleaned and then it came time to give her a bath. Well I tried to at least. It would have actually been the first bath in Dixon House and, I can't believe I'm saying this - her third bath ever.

September 13, 2009

May 2, 2010

BUT - after cleaning the tub of suspected germs, laying out her towels, and getting upset over seeing this:

because it had RoseBud's hair all over it... I couldn't get the damn water to come on! The hot which I believe is the cold would not budge... So, Lily Bud is still waiting for that bath... Poor thing. I'm going to have to reimburse her for services not rendered. Sorry Pup - we'll go over The Dad's house soon.

I'm thinking she just senses that I'm a little "off" as well. Lately, I've been feeling a little scared (in a strange way) in the house - especially when we go to bed. I can't figure out what's causing it. I've been hearing that (Michael) noise again when I'm on the computer - still assuming it's a chipmunk or squirrel in that piece of the gutter. I had my first big dream about my mother-in-law this morning too. And I woke up to three emails in my inbox wishing my baby a happy birthday. I didn't even realize what the date was. It would have been baby #2s first birthday. Just really weird things going on in the past few days.

I decided to smudge the house with sage tonight. I had Lily follow me and we went room by room. It took an hour. She had no idea what was going on but she followed along with it every step of the way. She was a very good apprentice and bowed to the altar when we were finished. Woof - Woof - Namaste.

We're going to go have dinner and rest up from our exhausting day today and hope tonight is a little better...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010



I was thinking about this yesterday with David's ability to email from 30,000 feet...

Were we better off when we couldn't?

I mean I would be the FIRST one in line paying for the service but in a world where most (I'm talking general population here - no one in particular) are trying to breath from every day normal life - it kind of would be nice to just have a couple hours to not have to be so connected...

I'm a COMPULSIVE email checker myself so I'm NOT pointing fingers. That little beep on my iphone is like music to my ears. I'm just saying - why is it necessary for us to always be in touch? I haven't figured that out yet... ;-)

Did you hear about that guy that stopped in the middle of his wedding ceremony to update his facebook status to say "he was now officially married and about to kiss the bride" or something like that??? I know it was a joke and probably a well devised plan to get his 15 minutes of (YouTube) fame and, yes, it was kind of cute, but really...when you think about it - How stupid? That will be a wedding video to cringe over 25 years from now.

A friend of mine took a facebook hiatus. It wasn't for long and he's back on now. I kind of think it's a good idea. Who really cares what anyone is doing and why do we feel the need to announce our every move to the world? I like sending birthday wishes but does it really matter if 100 people tell me to enjoy my birthday - like I might forget to celebrate if I'm not reminded!?! All these people that "are biking through wine country, sipping a merlot, antiquing and enjoying some sun shine" are either really great multi-taskers or just big blabber mouths. Sometimes I just want to say get off the damn phone and just go ENJOY the wine country! Post the pictures and we'll all lurk and see you had the best time ever.

Again, I'm all for the ability to connect but sometimes you need to cut the cord - or at least dis-connect a little bit. I was going through some Penn State stuff a couple days ago and came across my old phone bills - $400+ phone bills! This was BEFORE cell phones and text messaging charges and internet connections. Just pure old fashioned phone calls. My mother and I were the queens of the phone lines. We even had our own personal 800 number. I remember when the first video phones came out - they were on QVC 20 years ago. We always talked about getting them and never did. I'm really surprised we didn't. They looked something like this.

Did you see the new iPhone FaceTime video ad? My mother and I would have been all over that.

So, no offense to anyone that wants to tell the world that they just ate 5 pop tarts for breakfast or some other ridiculous tidbit of information... I guess if that's what you enjoy go ahead and do it. And no offense to the 34 people that logged on to this blog last night because I take it you all are reading what I have to say... Personally, I'm finding it all a little to intrusive and am considering making this private for awhile at least... I don't know - still need to think about that.

Some facebook humor in the meantime... I came across this the other day.
10 signs you're too stupid to be on facebook

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Ten On Tuesday - (random thoughts...)

1. I can officially say I played tic-tac-toe against a chicken. The chicken won.

2. I hate when people have the little window things on their car with their kids NAMES in the ball or next to the ballerina. Don't they watch those predator shows? Way to put a name with a face. "Hi, GINGER you're mom told me to pick you up today!"

3. This is just one stack of many of the old magazines I still need to go through... I won't even say anything about the catalogs!

4.I ate seven desserts (well, tasted) at the casino the other day. The toasted almond cupcake was spectacular.

5. Saw this chair on a baby shower party planning blog... LOVE it.

6. Squirrels have taken over the deck - whenever I look out they are walking all over the chairs or sitting on the table. As I was washing dishes the other day these two sat and watched me the whole time.

7. So true!

8. I've been obsessed with these things. Bakerella is the queen of cake pops! Must try to make the pig ones soon.

9. My Dad's birthday was last week. He turned 69. These were his candles. I looked at this picture and could only think of one thing: 6+8+1 is 15... 1+5 is 6... 6 is 3... 3 is 5... 5 is 4. Don't ask!

10. Sometimes she reminds me of RoseBud.

Monday, June 21, 2010



Another season gone and a new one begins... Happy first day of SUMMER.

With as fast as this year is flying by - Winter will be here before we know it. Here are two of my favorite girls!

A really great song and an even better video. See it here. Winter Song by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson.

That tree house at the end of the video... add that to my list of imaginary houses I want to live in. ;-)

{Today is 621)

Sunday, June 20, 2010



This is one of my favorite pictures of us... it's in Wildwood - it's documenting the first time I swam by myself all the way over to the 8 1/2 feet mark at the Caprice hotel!

I was at my Dad's house cleaning a little while ago and came across all these little cake decorations - ties, dress shoes, hammers - that came off of old Father's Day cakes. Isn't that funny that's how the day is/was recognized? I was in the grocery store last night and saw some really horrible renditions of tie cakes - I know that cake decorator won't be there for long! I was going to get one as a joke but it was so terrible I couldn't even manage to put it in the cart. For me, though, I should have had little staplers on his cakes... I can remember running to the steps and him coming home and bringing me something like that! Paper, staplers, etc... Maybe I got my love of office supplies from him because of all those little "gifts." ;-)

Saturday, June 19, 2010



I just heard that song a little while ago while I was in the car...

I went to Panera's. They always have a hard time spelling my name and even if they manage to get it correct the person saying it never gets it right so I sometimes make up names when I order. My go to name is Lisa for some reason. I think it's because I vaguely remember my mother saying once that she was going to name me Lisa after Lisa Marie Presley. Anyway, guess what my name was today??? Veronica! Thanks to both Elvis boys for giving me my alter egos.

Friday, June 18, 2010



I went to Target today and verified the fact that I have a strange fascination with folders and notebooks. I always did - even when I was a kid I would always have to buy two of everything. One to use and one to keep. That kind of makes me sad because it reminds me of that lady (you know "that" lady in the email) that never wore her fancy nightgown because she was "saving" it for something special - finally her husband buried her in it.... ;-(

Anyway, I do have a huge love affair with office and school supplies. I would take papers and pens over diamonds and pearls any day.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

I also have a strange addiction to big bins...

...and seasonal merchandise including picnic baskets and carry bags. I think I have seven of these totes - from the real German Reisenthal ones to the knockoff ones at TJMaxx to the ones on the top shelf here.

Even though I've been trying to go all natural with the cleaning products I love walking down this aisle. Maybe because they are all lined up in a row like little toxic soldiers.

And, seriously, who can resist these yummy trial size products??? I couldn't love them any more. Maybe because I have a little addiction to travel bags too (I shared that awhile ago) so I feel like I have the perfect place for them!

I also have a really big connection to tools and anything to store tools in! I didn't shop for any today but I had to pull myself away from this lovely guy when I went to Sam's... Hello Gorgeous.

So, after my quick little trip to Target... three bags and $80 later - I'm home admiring my treasures. Those robot ones and bird ones... oh my goodness - love them! And just for the record - I only bought one of each and I plan on actually using them.

Funny thing is I knew I had a few of the pug ones at home already but I had to get EVERY perfect one left in the store. I don't know if that's from my selfish only child syndrome where I don't want anyone else to have them or if it's because I just want to give them a good home and take care of them. So I think I'll go add them to my collection and sort through my bin of HOTEL PAPER which I am equally enamored with!

Thursday, June 17, 2010



I wonder how many ghosts are running around these halls???

I"ve been thinking about this place for a few days now...

I love their impeccable use of color...

...and their giant comfy beds.

Maybe it's because I just want to take a bath - and have a bath butler!

I always wanted to take RoseBud back here and never got the chance... wonder if it's still dog friendly??? Lily... go fetch that GPS!