Sunday, July 31, 2011


"DOGS GONE WILD" - lake house edition
Featuring Lily the Pug and Sabrina the Doberman.
I captured these two little doggies - well one little and one big - having some fun a few nights ago.

I wasn't quite sure how Lily would do having another dog around all the time... turns out they were BFFs!

They graciously posed for pictures...
Like they had a choice! ;-)
Lily asked Sabrina to play dress up...
Sabrina was excited to do so... something like that, at least.
They always waited patiently for dinner...
...and would help clean each other's dishes.
They would sit and talk before dessert.
The funniest thing was Lily would drink out of Sabrina's big giant bowl and Sabrina would drink out of Lily's teeny tiny bowl - almost every single time they got a drink of water!
They shared their toys with each other...
Lily did tear apart the head of Sabrina's most favorite toy, though...
SORRY gay pride lion and BAD LILY!

If anything ever went missing we knew where to look -Lily's Lair. It was her own little pug cave. She "hid" everything she could manage to get her paws on underneath the dining room table...her toys, Sabrina's toys, socks, Brother's shirt - at one point we caught her dragging a fly swatter under there...
Overall, though, she was pretty good and I think the pups had a fun time together.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Seriously, we party like rock stars when we're away...

We put holes in the wall...
... Pass out all over the furniture...
...Set things on fire...
...Run around in our underwear...
...and some even tear apart things that aren't their own.
There is a total disregard for other people's property!
We're getting out of here before we destroy anything else!

See you Deep Creek... It's been fun. Something tells me we'll be back soon.

Peace, Love and Puppy Dogs
J - LB - R - B - S - C - T - S

Friday, July 29, 2011


I'm back at the coffee shop. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw again - except I'm on a newer mac laptop! Just sitting here with my mocha and everyone listening to Sting's Fields of Gold and other laid back tunes. There are a ton of people here today - I guess lots of people are having end of the week internet withdrawal. There are a bunch of kids here checking their facebook - so funny. Anyway, when we took the dogs to the lake I saw a bench and was instantly reminded of a picture I took of RoseBud a few years ago...
...and had to take one of Lily Bud.
Aren't my girls adorable? Love the Buds.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


After all that fuss to find a life vest that fit... Lily Bud didn't even wear it on the boat! I had it with us, though, just to be safe... who knew she would be so comfy on the boat - she even took a nap!
The only thing I forgot was her treat/food container - of all things! Poor thing had to have chicken salad for lunch!
Is she just the cutest thing ever?

You are becoming a little traveling dog, puppy. RoseBud would be proud!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I love this little flashlight I bought to bring away with me...
It's dark out here at night when little pups need to go potty and word on the street is bears like to get into the garbage.
I saw one in the middle of the day. Seemed harmless, though, and not quite sure why he was wearing a bow tie! ;-)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm not a light packer - neither is my dog...
...and that's not even her food/treat/toy bag!

You should see the stuff I have! No matter how much I bring with me though it always seems like something is missing still. This big old king bed is too big for the two of us.
We miss David. ;-(

Monday, July 25, 2011


Lily's first campfire!

Sunday, July 24, 2011



Every night is pasta night when The Dad is around... before we were even unpacked yesterday he was making sauce for tonight.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Lily's first (semi) big road trip...
She didn't do as well as I thought she would in the car but she was ok.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I tried to get to Glo's tonight to fix her pills and got a little scared - between my ABS and my tires I was afraid to go any further... I didn't want to get stuck on that side of town. The rain stopped for a bit so I decided to turn around and go to Sam's for ribs... just as I got there they were covering up their meat cases because the power had gone out right before. Seriously?!? I was cracking up. ;-) I should have just gotten swept away in a current on Shannon Road.

Another guy that is in water over his head is Rudy... I don't know many but he's a good fish. He gets really excited when it's time to eat... a couple times I thought he was going to jump right out of his bowl. I did feel bad leaving this bag of dog treats next to him, though.
They are herring treats! My bad - that was kind of mean. ;-) Anyway, your time here was fun, Rudy. Good fishy.

Oh - just for the record... the medium is too big for this little girl...
...and by the looks of this picture - she is officially DONE with this game!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


That goes for a lot of things... especially today - I can come up with several. I don't really feel like getting into most of them right now. Here's one though.

I went to the dollar store for poopie bags for the bud. They only had two boxes... I came home with 18 other things. Probably 16 of those I really didn't need - that includes 3 boxes of peanut chews. Another thing I didn't need was this:
Am I ever going to stop buying stuff for my imaginary kids??? The stuff - little or big - that gets tucked in a drawer or put in a bag for someday. ;-(

For awhile now it's been month by month waiting and being disappointed over an over. Now time is ticking for a different reason. Just as bad - actually worse and I'm still buying these silly things knowing full well that they'll never be used. I did stop myself from buying this outfit last week...
It was very difficult to resist - and this was even worse!
I did "save" them on my computer along with so many other "things" which is probably why my hard drive is full and I can't download the 300 pictures I have on my phone! I've been debating if deleting everything everywhere would make things better. I waver back and forth with the thought of that - I usually talk myself into waiting a little more before I do that like I'm talking myself out of jumping off a building and the bud licks away my tears yet again until the next time I consider it. I know this isn't the most terrible thing ever - I just don't see this every going away for me and think I just may be at the end of my proverbial rope.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


ORAL FIXATION (and a grasshopper)
I stopped at McDonald's for iced tea today - not realizing that it was 25 cent mango pineapple smoothie day. I guess I was somewhat oblivious to the unusually long drive thru line at 2 in the afternoon. I was too far committed in line so I had no choice other than to wait it out. I got one - it was pretty good. Anyway, on any given day I have two or three drinks in the car...
... sad part about this is not too long after I took this picture I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for coffee.

On a side note - I just got back from shopping a little bit ago. I think I was the last person in line at Target tonight. When I came home - a grasshopper came in the garage with me. I was trying to reason with it to just make things easy and told him to go out the door. The Dad came to help me with my bags (which is unusual) and he didn't buy the grasshopper whisperer routine I was doing and put his bulldog face on and swatted at it with a broom... of course I started screaming and it landed on my head... I flung it out of my hair and it went in the cellar. After awhile I found it and he wanted to squash it with paper towels... I intervened and tried to capture it in a cup - which didn't work! So now he's pouting and the bug is somewhere behind the dryer.

I had to look up the difference between a cricket and a grasshopper... even though it's night I still think it was a grasshopper. I was curious because I just bought a Pinocchio book for Aunt Gloria. ;-)

Ok going to try the fifth life vest on the bud then going to bed.

But, seriously... how can you kill a grasshopper?!?

(Lizards don't need to answer that.)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


1. I've been looking forward to tonight... Work took The Dad out to dinner and the baseball game to celebrate 45 years with them so I have the house to myself this evening... yay!

2. I couldn't get my email on my laptop this morning and now I can't get it on my phone... not sure if it's related. I keep getting this message that my start up disk is full so I think I may be in trouble here.

3. I watched this movie when I got home from shopping today - Devil - I'm not the biggest movie person but I don't think I ever heard of it. Glad I watched it in the day... I thought it was pretty good.

4. Came across this online - it matches my wedding ring.

5. This disturbs me greatly.

6. Barbie and I went to E.N. Miller today to look for a metal tray for her - I had to tell her about the tray I got at the St. John's Fair! ;-) I saw many little chairs I wanted to give a good home to but they would have only ended up going directly to storage... as will these but I just couldn't pass them up.
The truck is a brown/bronzy color that was just too interesting to leave there. It was marked down to $10 which was still a little more than I wanted to spend... the other was $5. All in all I think it was a good purchase. Lily agrees! I couldn't stop thinking about Mum while we were there and the times we used to go shopping there and then to lunch. I got a little truck there on one of our trips - maybe I'll refinish that into a blue one like this one.
And just to add another truck here... this would so be my daughter.

7. WTF? ;-)

8. Told you she took a lot of pictures. More photos of the Pittsburgh Pup Crawl here and here and here.

9. I forgot to post this the other night - Lily checking out her swag bag. I emptied it out on the floor and the dad said - "why would they give dogs ashtrays?";-) They were actually little acrylic cat dishes from Friskies! Lily liked the cat treats too.

10. Liar, liar...

Monday, July 18, 2011


I never did like mondays - so much so that I often took mondays off from (grade and high) school. We were usually over my aunt and uncle's house anyway having dinner on sunday night and would get home really late. We would be tired and I wouldn't know what I was going to wear or my nails weren't done - back in the day I could put on a full set of nails like a professional. ;-) Let's just say I had a lot of "ear infections" on mondays when I was little.

Anyway, really hot today and a lot of rain - thank goodness... I've been forgetting about my poor plants. Washington Boulevard turned into a little bit of a river, though. I was waiting for things to go floating away here. If so, I think we would have been prepared. I just may have found a life vest that fits!
She's happier about it than she looks. ;-)

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I'm obsessed with all things turquoise lately.

Every time I pass by this truck I really want to buy it and paint it turquoise and start a junk business.
I'm also kind of blue because I don't like sleeping alone.