Saturday, July 5, 2014

All in all it was a pretty chill July...  Lily got a new seahorse toy to commemorate the Summer...

I'm cracking up that now I see that The Godfather is on behind her but, really, when isn't it?

The Dad and I met Chrissy and Katherine at John Anthony's for dinner... Katy and The Dad shared their meals and dessert - ate from each other's plates. So cute.

I was sick for the Fourth of July - I don't think I did one thing... The Bud and I sat around in bed all day...

... then sat around on the couch all night and watched the fights which was fine with me - fireworks actually make me nervous.

The Bud went into work with me on Saturday and shook her little behind in her cute little red, white and blue dress.  They love when she gets all dressed up. Here she is taking time to smell the flowers before she started work.

We finally got the Veg Trug assembled!  Whoo-Hoo. Let's get ready to garden...

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