Saturday, March 21, 2015

The combo of 123 is near and dear to my heart.  I used to play 123 with Uncle Tony all the time. Anyway, we planned a girls shopping and eating day with Cara, today, on 3/21.  Started out with lunch at Lupi and Leo's.

We stopped off at Goodwill because I was looking for something for work.  We did find some interesting things though like this cake plate… Sad.  I wonder if one or both of them died and their treasured dish was shipped off to the thrift store.

… or maybe Susette and/or Robert are in need of this mug?

We did more shopping and had dinner at Oliver's Pourhouse for one of our faves - their Chicken Romano

There really is no good place for dessert and we didn't plan ahead so after a stop off at Target for bins we ran into Giant Eagle to each choose our own dessert…  You know how I love the cake slices!

FOR TWO?!?  Says who?  We really should have brought pajamas because we ended the night with a late, late movie complete with Target popcorn.

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