Friday, March 27, 2015

Some times I can't get out of the house - like physically leave.  I wander from room to room and it just gets later and later.  If I have the opportunity to stay in, I will usually choose it… Sometimes I hear a voice forcing me to do what's right… The voice sounds like Chrissy's voice and it always tells me to go to storage.  We are STILL trying to get two units down to one because it's just costing me so much money. We are failing miserably.

I didn't feel that great this morning so this was the perfect example of a day I just wanted to stay in… I was going to meet a coworker in the wee hours of the morn at the thrift store b/c everything was half off and I saw something earlier in the week that I wanted… I never made it.  Chrissy was out that way so she went in and scoped it out and found what I wanted - still there.  So what did she do? Yes, in the car it went. As much as she tries to help me get rid of stuff she will sometimes aide in my obsession to save the abandoned furniture of the world.  I didn't really "need" this piece but thought I could use it for a painting class I want to take. It was $7.00.

I headed out to meet her so we could bring it right to storage and, of course, we got distracted by lunch.  All these years of going there, I finally got something OTHER than a burger at Burgatory…

We went to storage and it was freezing - after a bit of complaining (mostly from me) I finally convinced her we had to leave - I felt like my fingers were going to fall off. So we went to HomeGoods and Marshals and Tuesday Morning - I only bought gifts.  Nothing for me .  well one thing for me. This chick that I painted because I thought it would be cuter yellow.

Then we waited for Cara to get home from work and met her for dinner… and, for someone that didn't want to leave the house, I ended up being out all night.

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