Wednesday, December 24, 2014

This has been a very strange year.  I usually wrap as I go along but I didn't this year - I haven't felt well and I've been working a lot so I just pushed everything aside.  I buy things through the year so it took me awhile to actually find everything downstairs. I'm still not sure everything is accounted for.  I had about 400 Amazon boxes to open that have just been accumulating in the game room, too.

We got home from Debbie's and Lily and I got to work wrapping.  Lily is a good helper but she does get distracted...

By the time I carried everything upstairs and organized it and wrapped - we finally finished at 4 am.  I was cleaning up and walked in the other room and heard a strange noise.  I looked around and couldn't figure out what it was until I glanced over at the gingerbread house where my elf resides.  I saw this...

Turns out that Elfonso, knowing there was still cleaning and cooking to do for tomorrow, was so distraught that he found it necessary to try to leap to his death. He jumped right out of his hat into a sea of dog toys.

Lily, more than likely thinking he was a new toy, gave him pug-to-elf resuscitation and revived him.

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