Saturday, January 31, 2015

I've been a client of GoDaddy for many, many years.  I saw the Buddy commercial.  I thought it was in bad taste - the ship him out comment, etc... but I don't get the hype and am wondering if it was self created… probably would have gone unnoticed and upstaged by the Budweiser one it was trying to make fun of…  bad press may be better than no press at all.

You all know how I feel about dogs, but I'm not agreeing with the bashing on this one too much.   If they shot to a scene were there were 300 dogs in a small cage then that's a different story. How do we know these dogs weren't in the truck to be taken to the vet for their first check up before they were going to their forever homes? There are reputable small businesses that sell dogs.  We don't know this is a puppy mill .  Small businesses need exposure and help and go daddy can provide this - I guess… if they can figure out how to use it...

Personally, I think Godaddy is terribly hard to navigate and even with the 600 emails I get I still never exactly know what services I have that are expiring. And once I log in - forget about it!  I'm lost for days. How many people even still use it?  What other companies are out there? I really need to do some research.  I think the bigger question is why were the dogs in the back of the truck - unrestrained - in the first place?  If Buddy was in a car seat he never would have fallen out and the Cruella de Vil could have shipped him out and no one would have known about anything and everyone could look the other way and shut up.

Am I making a bigger deal about this than I should be?

This is why I dropped Theater 101. Just saying.

What about the pug storming thru the screen door in the doritos ad a couple years ago… I don't remember a fuss being made about that - what, he has a smashed in face anyway so… so what?  IDK what to think about all this.

Why isn't anyone mad at the cute Budweiser guy for "not seeing" his bud leave the barn… You know who should be mad about this story???  That curious cat and a pug nosed pup - Milo and Otis - because they starred in it in the first place. ;-)

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