Sunday, February 1, 2015

I'm not going to go through every commercial… just a few.

I'll always be a sucker for a good truck commercial... I want my Nissan back… or I'm going to go back to a Jeep - that Renegade intrigues me a little… I think the 100 years of Dodge was the best commercial.

That Pay With Lovin' commercial made me cry.

I actually liked the Go Daddy clip they ran - zero layer dip… that was funny.

The meninists shouldn't be too upset about the #likeagirl hashtag… it was all about the DADvertising. Though, I will say girls aren't the only ones that have self esteem issues.... Little girls can do whatever they want.  So can little boys even though they don't buy their maxi pads.   Chill out  - it's the Super Bowl.

Speaking of chilling out… you know dead kids are my thing!  If you want to talk tasteless though, I think this wins.  I get the concept and the slap in the face wake up call… cute kid, beautifully shot… boom - I see dead people!  I understand it was a shock type ad, obviously. but there was a different way to approach it - I know the movement to prevent childhood accidents is a hard thing to talk about and people (kids and adults) die over silly things…what about those parents watching the game that lost their children - that will never see their son graduate from college or see their daughter get married. They were trying to enjoy themselves and watch a f-ing football game.  Make this a webisode or an online PSA - wrong time and place, in my opinion.

One good thing came of it -  the twitter comments were hilarious!

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