Thursday, February 11, 2016

So, Chrissy's bday is in June and Christmas, December, obvs… In true Jeannine fashion, I just gave Chrissy her bday/xmas gifts.
I was waiting for some things and I couldn't get to some things in the game room and I didn't have some things wrapped so it just got later and later and later… I still have Cara's Christmas gifts. It's starting to become a joke but it's pretty bad. This year I am going to be on time… give or take a week or so. ;-)

Anyway,  take a look at this…

Couldn't pass it up for her.

We moved some furniture at the house - not sure how it's going to work out - then we went to storage and Juniper Grill.

When all else fails… regroup and eat...

…and, maybe, have some cake.

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