Monday, February 29, 2016

You know, one of the reasons my husband said that he didn't want to be married anymore was because "I didn't work like a normal person." It didn't matter that I had a little invitation business or that I worked for my father-in-law or that I had tons of other ideas floating around in my head that were soon to come. He somehow thought that if I worked - I guess like Jen or Sheri - I would have been normal. Isn't that sad? I really think it was because if I had a job he could feel less guilty about leaving and wouldn't have to be obligated to give me anything. I don't even know.   I do know that not once in our time together did he ever say anything about me working or NOT working until right before he left.  I never thought this at the time but I question now if he ever really cared what I wanted or that I was happy doing what I was doing.  That's sad too. Isn't it? All those years and I have to wonder that. ;-( Along with the "I can't take care of you anymore" nonsense, this comment is up there with the ones that hurt me the most.

Today was my last day filling in for my boss. She's been out for three months and coming back from maternity leave tomorrow. When she made me in charge of an entire department with a staff of seven we didn't think things would go down as they did.  During my reign, it turned out that a new hire ended up quitting a few weeks in.  Another one had to be fired and we also hired two additional employees. The administrator ended up officially making me acting director and, to be honest, I rocked it.

I can't say I always knew what I was doing or didn't have some freak out moments but my co-workers and I all worked together and got the job done. Literally. There was no denying that would happen. Everyone keeps patting me on the back and telling me what a great job I did but, really, I don't feel like it's necessary.

I did what I had to do.

End of story.

I have totally come full circle and I am kind of proud of that. I know, just as I've always said, I don't need a job or co-worker friends to be fulfilled and I'm, obviously, more than capable of functioning in a work environment. Isn't that funny? It turns out that, all those years later, I'm even doing something related to my little old PSU degree. With that said, I would still go back to my housewife life any day of the week. Lesson learned and advice to all, as they say, always wear your invisible crown - on the job or off.

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