Saturday, August 20, 2016

I need to stop this - I know I do. It's really just the thrill of the hunt.  I freaked out when I got back to the house today. I feel like I'm on drugs and can't stop..
There was a house sale on Clematis where Chrissy used to live… you know, these houses are really cute.

Some times I think we were idiots staying in Mt lebanon because of the school district when we didn't even have any kids… We should have moved way back when but Pat and Jack probably made that impossible then too. Idiots.

I just got a jewelry holder - I have a few other ones - for my Mariana bracelets… this looked like it was barely used and was way cheaper than buying new so I think I got a good deal.

Then I found this cookbook at another sell off of Shenandoah.  I didn't know this existed. I'm surprised that I don't have it. IDK - maybe I do? Found it on ebay for a little under $50.00. I paid $1.

After, I went to Millers in Verona and back to Thrift King… I'm not even going to post the pics b/c I should be ashamed of myself… I didn't spend a lot it's just a lot of stuff including these…

… which I'm pretty positive I already have the same ones packed up in storage???

I have a problem.

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