Friday, August 26, 2016

Katherine is moving to Philadelphia so she wanted to have once last day out with her (imaginary gay) mom's… We went to My Sister's Bistro for lunch and headed to Ligonier to do some antique shopping.

I wanted this platter but I couldn't get it because I'm divorced and don't have a husband.

There were lots of things I wanted… after my freak out the other day I was trying to be good. I only got a couple things including this old Avon perfume dispenser.

Pelos all around, of course, and I took them to one of the Roadside Attractions I was familiar with. It's the journey people - you will not just get to the destination with me.

We stopped at The Summit Diner for dinner

Hot turkey sandwiches…

We reminisced about all the things we've done and talked about plans for the future and it was a really nice, exhausting day.  Good Luck, Katherine. Can't wait to come visit. XO


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