Saturday, October 15, 2016

So… this happened.

I was confused about all of it because he was actually fine. The day before, he called me from work - we were in Ligonier - and he wanted to know when Isabella's party was… I brought home dinner and I was home all day today. He was fine. I was on the phone when he was getting ready for bed. He came back out to the kitchen and said goodnight to Chrissy as he does every night and said he was going in. I heard a sound and went in his room and he was sitting on the bed and  his cane was on the floor. I asked what happened and he said it fell - I didn't think anything of he because he often doesn't even know where his cane is. About 15 minutes later I hear another noise and I can't remember if I actually heard him call my name or not now... Anyway, he was on the floor. He said he slid off the bed. I tried to get him up and couldn't so I called Michael who couldn't as well so he called Kenny and by then I had called the paramedics because I questioned whether he hurt himself and, for the record, I'm getting a little sick of calling 911. Just saying. I didn't know if he maybe had a stroke - I asked him all the questions. He responded fine. I had to call the paramedics back because they were taking too long - apparently there was a "big thing" going on locally so they had to send another EMS - they come in and check him out and he has a 103 temp… so we end up at the ER.

He was aware of everything - first thing he said was Tony gets married tonight and I end up in the emergency room. We didn't even know what was going on until after 3:30 am. By the time we got up to the room it was almost 6 am. Here we go again.

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