Friday, March 17, 2017

We didn't really have any reason to go anywhere today so we decided to go to Blairsville… We stopped here for lunch.

Chrissy and I got way too excited that lima beans were the veg.

They had the chocolate peanut butter pie that we like.

It's been happening a lot again, lately. It's usually Chrissy that will say something that makes us appear to be a lesbian couple and we snicker and laugh and reminisce about how they tried to give us a king size bed when we checked in at a hotel once because I gravitated right to the "welcome to the gayborhood map" at the concierge desk. I still think it was her birkenstocks and those maps rock. Anyway, it was somewhat of a weird day. We didn't really have anything urgent to do. I was off and The Dad was doing ok so I went on a much deserved play date to Blairsville. This is how we roll. Are we fun or what?

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