Sunday, March 19, 2017

So we ended up stopping at Applebee's on the way back from Blairsville the other day because we didn't feel like coming up with any other options and I think I've said this before, I have a thing with Applebee's.

Like a bad thing.

First of all I used to really like their Oriental Chicken Salad - now, not so much. It's not because of the massive amount of calories or the racist name.  I don't know if it's my attitude or it's just not good anymore.  I got it tonight because I was hangry and tired and didn't feel like looking at the menu and it was just blah.

Anyway, during the separation, David always wanted to meet some place for lunch, often Applebee's, and that's right about the time when they started their stupid question asking. Like, are you celebrating something special today? I would usually say like yeah we're trying to figure out our divorce but sometimes I said nothing and just wanted to punch them in the face.

The girl came to the people sitting behind us first and she went through her little talk and then the question - are you celebrating something special today?  I wanted to jump up and scream -  if they were celebrating something special they wouldn't be here -  but I contained myself. I could see Chirssy noticing that I was getting a little huffy already and the waitress wasn't even at our booth yet.

Anyway, these people behind us had about a fifteen minute conversation with her and the girl looked like she just wanted to say - people I have to ask this stupid question I really don't care.

She finally came to us and we got the same speech… I told her we were just wandering around for the day and went to our favorite bakery and she chimed in that she loved bakeries.  Then I said we stopped at this gallery and may sign up for a paint class. She said she loved galleries and painting. I just said, really, it's ok. You don't need to talk to us about bakeries and galleries and painting. We're all good.

Just for the record: I am always very nice to wait staff and a very big tipper. I just don't like being questioned at Applebee's about my day and I really wonder if the staff is that into it. Are they logging this data into some program that will one day give us a breakdown as to why people stopped there?  I shouldn't be this annoyed over this but I am.  This sundae didn't even cheer me up.

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