Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Well, this whole car thing continues...  Ted was mad as hell over it so he met me at the car lot this morning.  Took the day off and everything. It was like I was walking in there with my lawyer.  We were cracking up.  The salesman was pouting like a little bitch and wouldn't even look at me - everyone just looked a little strange. Here's the thing... if I made a deal on the car like I did with the funnels or other junk I come across we wouldn't be in this situation... Vinnie was able to weld whatever it was on the old car - he said I had a little bit of time but it wasn't going to last... I didn't feel safe in it AT ALL so I just wanted to get something and be done... I know George and Ted felt bad for me going alone...I take responsibility for not being entirely informed but the car was priced differently on other sites and was just overpriced in general.  So, Ted worked the numbers and told them I was a distraught, divorced, cancer patient who doesn't even have a part time job status and they probably shouldn't have even given me a car in the first place...  actually not sure if he mentioned the cancer or not - but he told them what it should have been... we even went to their other car lot and found an identical car for 5000 less. Drove it back and they said they would let me switch it out... I'm back-posting this so I know the outcome.  I'll give you the reader's digest version...  Dealer says they will switch out with no problem... keep the one I have and they will call the next day and we could swap them out... I had to call them when I didn't hear anything and they say they haven't heard from the finance company... then, next day, they say the finance company won't do it... so Ted calls them directly to see what's up and they say it's not a problem with them - we can switch out... three days later the dealer says they can't (won't) do it.  They took the warranties off (I know - no one gets warranties, bitch) which I could have done on my own so no big deal there and ended up writing me a check to basically shut me up...Still not enough but I think they just didn't want me to give this one back and I was already over it so I just agreed. I may just take a loss and trade it in. Can you do that?  I don't even know.  I want my Xterra back. ;-(

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