Thursday, April 10, 2014


You're not going to believe this... The Lily Bud was looking all comfy - laying back on the couch and I'm petting her and what do I feel - a god damn tick. Seriously?!  Again?  It was late so I couldn't get my vet so I called my own personal font of veterinary knowledge, Carey, and ended up bringing Lily over to try to get rid of this thing!  We googled and you-tubed and tried but neither one of us could do it...  Carey and I were on the floor covered in dog hair... Sharon was holding a flash light - Lily was wiggling all around... I had called the emergency vet earlier and they said it would be $124.00 just to walk in the door... they said someone had just come in over the weekend and it was $141.00 to remove one tick!  By now it was close to midnight and our failed attempts left me no choice... so on our way we went... to the ER!

FYI - being a single dog mom sucks... especially when you are tired and worried and alone in the car.  With visions of RoseBud, I went walking through those doors - told them it was NOT an emergency as they all kind of came running and said I was the psycho that called at 11 pm to see if it was ok to bring my pug in to take a tick off because I couldn't wait until morning to call my own vet.  They brought me back and a tech came out and removed it in a couple minutes... all while The Bud was kissing and licking everyone and being all cute.  They said she was so good and it only took a few minutes and to just leave - no charge. :-)

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