Monday, June 9, 2014


Pretty much every single day I hear The Dad say those words along with some other equally as colorful ones...  like "shut your big headed mouth..." or "you make me sick."   I can pretty much guess that he's speaking about this guy...

...or this one...

...or maybe this one
There's definitely a theme going on with it and I don't think it's because they all have food shows.

Anyway, did you see Adam Richman lost a bunch of weight?  He posed for UK Cosmo.
Nice balls.  Soccer balls...  Soccer balls, peeps.  I have to say I did have a little chubby boy crush on him.  I do think he's all that and a bag of chips.  Like literally.  Just seemed like he would literally have a bag of chips on him at all times.  Not so sure I'm digging the skinny version but whatev. Good for him.  I know he's getting a lot of bad press for calling some chick a cunt and some other choice words.  IDK, he may be a dick but he's still a doll baby. Go, USA.

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