Saturday, June 21, 2014


Alexis and Augie are getting married! We knew it was off to a great start when we saw these fans...

The reception was in a barn in Ligonier so we all decided to stay... I can't even manage to get back from work without pulling over to the side of the road so I figured it was the best thing... the only problem: The Bud!  I thought about putting her in a kennel and, of course, that thought passed within seconds.... then I was going to bring a sitter with me but I couldn't find a place that would take her so I just went with her getting checked on. Ugghh.  That was a hard decision.

Anyway, back to the wedding... there was a sea of cupcakes...

... complete with little tree stump cake - an homage to Augie's proposal.

Centerpieces were mason jars with a daisy stem, a hydrangea stem and a votive and cute s'more favors.

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