Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Chrissy said that she would check in on The Bud... so after the wedding we headed up to Ligonier and later that night Chrissy and Ted came over and sat with her for awhile and played with her and fed her and took her outside. Instructions were left...

Ted was furious with me because I didn't have the HD channel on for her! He's a cat grandpa now so these things matter.  I figured Lily would just sleep through the night (hopefully not too scared or too lonely) and we would be back as fast as we could the next day. So we had some waffles in the morning...

...and I let Chrissy know we were on our way...

Minus a stop over at DeLallo's - sorry Bud - we knew we would be back to the house soon... I ran up the steps and couldn't find her - she wasn't on the couch or in her dining room bed or baby bed... I did panic for a brief second. I, of course, thought she got stuck somewhere - under the bed or in a closet searching for us or she choked on something...  Anyway,  I found her in The Dad's room sound asleep on his bed! Why that wasn't my first thought, I don't know.  She never heard the garage door or the alarm chime or me calling for her - a hundred times.

My annoying voice couldn't even wake her up. You may want to turn your speakers down...Video of Lily waking up from her slumber here. ;-)

Also... video clips of some of the wedding and The Dad and his Bro and Sis cracking themselves up here as well!

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