Sunday, August 24, 2014

Every so often the Lily Bud rediscovers RoseBud's bunny in the bottom drawer of the dresser in my room.  She will sit there - just staring... eventually scratching the dresser to try to get to it.

Lily doesn't really have a special toy like RoseBud did.  Bunny and Spider were RB's faves.  Lily is very fond of her sushi toys I got for her Geisha Girl costume photos and a little Martha Stewart chick which was actually the last thing David brought her.  Those are the toys she takes out herself when she hunts in her bins to play.  I bought her her own bunny a couple years ago but she never got into it.  I'll take RoseBud's out from time to time but as soon as she gets too rough with it it goes back into the drawer and the cycle begins again.

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