Saturday, August 9, 2014

(Back posting August)

Yay!  We made it to Jan and Jay's...

I, of course, talked about how someone was going to come in and shoot me in the guest house.  My parents and I stayed in a similar place near Niagara Falls once in the 1970s when the Son of Sam was on a rampage and my mother had us all paranoid that we were going to be killed and I still haven't gotten over it!  Chrissy, either trying to be helpful and work out my fears or being a little bitch, proceeded to go "bang bang."  You decide. I'm going with the bitch thing. ;-)

We went right to a message service... no one wanted to talk to us, though.

We walked around and got familiar with some of the residents there...

They had black squirrels!  The only other time I saw black squirrels was when David and I were in Toronto.

I brought my little lunch box with me...

I couldn't find the Nsync Uno cards - I don't even know if I got them from the house so I filled it with some other cards and fun stuff...

The girls were loving my Goddess cards and all doing a great job at giving readings... before we left, they even got their own sets there. Love.

We were having some major fun in the room, drinking wine and being a little too loud. Lizzie did have to yell at me and Chrissy for telling one too many dick jokes. It got bad. Partly because of this picture of a barn I took on our drive to The Dale.

Yeah, I know.  I missed the barn.  :-)  Chrissy was driving too fast and she did go a little too far with an inappropriate hay balls comment!  Just saying.

More tomorrow - I'm going to bed.

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