Tuesday, May 17, 2016


So this vegan thing… 2nd day and a big old FAIL.

I was off today and Chrissy and I went out to the South Hills…

I had to pick up some stuff at the vet and we wanted to go to some antique stores out that way.

We drove by Dixon House and Chrissy jumped out and took a pic of the newest announcement taped to the window.  Always a good time. Shout out to the Christiana Candles that are left standing. I miss you.

Then we stopped at Gifted and went to The Vet to pick up Lily's pills… we originally planned on going somewhere else for lunch but decided on this one in Carnegie.

With a name like Bakn, my vegan plans went down the drain.. Oink Oink...

 I got a bacon and egg sandwich...

We shared biscuits and bacon jam.

We went to some antique stores and back to the bakery on Beverly Road… then to The Galleria and South Hills Village. I forgot they still had a Disney Store…

Then we went back to Bridgeville to TJMaxx. We were all over the place. We finally ended up back on Beverly Road for baby reubens at Bado's.

There's a new restaurant coming. That made me sad when I read it.  At times I couldn't catch my breath… driving around my old neck of the woods. So many memories.



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