Sunday, May 1, 2016

I've been putting off my mammogram… I know. How bad is that? I just don't really care anymore and I haven't had the time or made the time to go. I finally made my appointment for a saturday which was a bad idea.  First of all Weinstein doesn't take my insurance so I had to go somewhere else.  The nice thing about Weinstein is there is always a radiologist there so you may have to wait a couple hours but you get your results THAT day.  For yesterday's appointment  I was just in and out and was told they would be in touch next week…  They had to put this tape on my scar…

Yes, that's my boob. My incision is underneath. I thought with the angle and the filter maybe it would be unrecognizable. I was in the car awhile later when I thought that I never had them put the tape on my other scar under my arm from the lymph node dissection which is about the same size or larger and wondered if that could be a problem. I'm back posting this so I already know the results…. maybe I shouldn't have waited so long.

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