Sunday, September 11, 2016

So, all my friends love our adventures. I think we have to start chartering a bus for our road trips… Some people from work joined us for yesterday's travels… We planned a shop open house and some antique stores and lunch, of course.

We started off at Rustique Log Cabin
…for their fall open house.
I got some Curly Tail Coffee
Remember awhile back… we passed by this dude
We stopped there for lunch.  The dude was better than the food but we knew that was going to happen.
We stopped at a couple antique shops… I got a lady head and this vintage bar tray.
We stopped at Pagers to see what kind of pumpkins they had… You know, I say it every year. Pumpkins can't take a bad picture.
We stopped at some dive for dinner…
This pic made me smile. The Grommet had these bags and I bought them for Chrissy and Cara so when we went out and did our shopping it would be easier to get our stuff out of the car. This is the pic from my dreams… I'm green, Cara is red and Chrissy is blue.

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