Friday, September 16, 2016

 I was inspired to start decorating after our shopping trip the other day…

I had to work tonight - girl scouts and boy scouts came for a bonfire and entertainment from our polka band. After,  I took some of my fall friends out. My halloween stuff makes my heart sing. I don't have room for everything so I had to limit it this year.

Got these little  Hallmark candle cups from Thrift King for 75 cents each…

Can't decide…

Oh, here's that star I got in Ohio with the book… How to catch a star... Sigh.

… I couldn't pass up the sunflower - also from The Cracked Crock. I'm a sunflower whore.

Got these pumpkins at The Western Reserve. The pumpkin head was a little pricey but he's awesome. Love him.

These mini bowling pins from The Red Hen were a steal and I can't pass up a good J block.

I'm on an old tin kick now so… yeah.  This is probably not going to be a good thing. Got these at Piney Creek.

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