Tuesday, September 20, 2016


A 102 year old resident (that I'm sure never had a party for a dog) said it was a "great time" and "so much fun" and there was "so much to look at."

We did good.

The party girl got her dress on and made her entrance to her Birthday Party.

Residents even got get "gifts" - taking stuffed animals they had and "wrapping" them for her. Some even had their family bring milk bones.

They absolutely LOVED the movie Milo and Otis which played during the party while we set up.

Lily made her rounds saying hello to everyone and looking cute.

My vision came to life… tying those bows on the water bottles (which took way too long) paid off!

Everyone got treat bags - graham cracker bones. Thanks, Scooby Snacks. Those saved me a lot of time.

What's a party without pup-cakes?!

We even raffled off Glo's stuffed pug.

Lily is one lucky party girl to have so many friends to celebrate with!

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