Monday, February 16, 2015

So, I was really hoping yesterday would have been low key. Instead I got a call from the nursing home. They told me Glo fell.    She was at the nurses station harassing them as she normally does and said she was feeling dizzy.  Before they could get to her she fell backwards - slamming her head off the floor - knocking herself out. She was unresponsive.  They were getting ready to do CPR and she gasped for breath…   The ambulance took her to the trauma center and I met them there… 7 hours later she was sent home - they couldn't find anything wrong.

To make matters worse, the hospital wanted me to transport her back to the facility myself.  I had to fight with them to get her an ambulance back.  I met them back at the nursing home and as I got off the elevator I heard a scream - not her.  Turns out one of the EMS was trying to get her bed rail off to slide her into the bed from the gurney and he hit himself in the face with it and knocked his front tooth out.  How do these things happen???  I felt terrible for the poor guy - he was the cutest thing, too, and now he looks like  a jack-o-lantern.  I know this has nothing to do with me but I couldn't help question - WHY ME?  Why do all these weird things happen?  Even though she looks terrible - turns out they couldn't find anything wrong?!?

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