Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Man do they love this puppy dog at work.  It really is amazing what pet therapy can do.  I just wish both the pup and I  had more energy. She's been pooping out on me and I'm not far behind.  Usually, after every wing of a floor, she comes back to the office to get a drink and take a little nap. Here she is falling asleep on the job.

The residents are all concerned - you shouldn't have the baby out in this weather… it's too late for her to be out…  I can't figure out if she's better in the day or in the evening.  All I know is they love when she comes to visit.  I'm off the next few days so I couldn't wait to get into my after school clothes and not have to worry about leaving the house… the pup couldn't wait for me to get changed so she could snuggle.

She's such a good little pup.  She made so many people happy tonight. Love the Bud.

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