Saturday, February 14, 2015

Today is Carey's 40th birthday.  40. How the heck did that happen?!? Wasn't she just rolling around in the leaves?! ;-)  We celebrated by being locked in a room for an hour this morning…  We managed to escape in record time… I think we had 14 or 17 minutes left.  Yes.  We rock.  If you haven't done it yet - I highly recommend it. We did Dr. Stein's Lab.

We went to the synagogue and back to Carey's for cake and the weather was going from bad to worse. I got stuck in the snow storm on the way back to The Dad's.  Note to self...  Never buy a fake SUV again.  Did I tell you how much I hate this car?

…it was actually pretty driving in it until I spun around near bakery square... it got a hundred times worse in about ten minutes. I was actually a little scared.

I finally made it back and we had our annual heart packaged dinner…

… I made chocolate covered strawberries among other things…

Lily ended the night doing caterpillar impersonations.

…and that concluded Valentine's day.

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