Thursday, February 5, 2015

I have not been sleeping for more than a couple hours a night…  When I do fall asleep (usually around 2 am) I wake up an hour later thinking it's time to get up… If I do fall asleep again, I usually wake up from some nightmare - typically involving me walking around the main floor of Dixon House or Lily getting hit by a car. It's like Groundhog Day every single time. These side effects from these pills are killing me - probably literally. I'm barely getting by anymore - barely getting to work on time... I took a couple half days when I was really sick and couldn't breathe.  I'm exhausted and forgetful and scattered and feel like I'm spinning almost all the time.  I'm angry and annoyed at everyone… I can't stand if anyone is too close and invading my space…  I've had to leave stores because I'm so agitated. I feel like I'm drowning - all day - every day.

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