Sunday, April 5, 2015

We had Easter dinner here.  It was a difficult decision as to whether or not to bring Aunt Gloria out.  I went up and she was really out of it. I talked to the nurses and they said she probably wouldn't even know or remember and I thought it actually might be too stressful so I decided to leave her. I know it was harder for me than her but still. She didn't even know it was Easter.

We had all the usual yummies including the obligatory Lamb butter.
Aunt Joyce, of course, made one of her fabulous Pinterest creations…
I guess the Easter Baskets were brought to storage because I couldn't find them here so Lily didn't even get a basket. ;-(
It was a nice day but I'm feeling a little depressed.  I didn't get to do an Easter Egg Hunt and I wanted to this year. Just didn't have time to get my act together.

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