Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chrissy should be home packing for her cruise but, instead, she came out to celebrate Glo's 87th Birthday.  Glo didn't have any idea it was her birthday and when we told her it was she really didn't care. She didn't know why we brought packages with us or to even open the gifts when we told her what they were for.  We finally convinced her to go to lunch. She got crab cakes and french fries.

After lunch we went to Oakmont Bakery and brought some things back for the nurses and some treats for us.

Later, Cara and I went back in the evening. We brought Rita's with us.  

Glo was thrilled.  She didn't know why we were celebrating, though, and said she was starving. I asked if she remembered if she went to lunch earlier in the day and she said no and, her normal response -  "I haven't eaten in three days!"

Click here for Glo's birthday video - it's equally sad and adorable.

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