Monday, April 13, 2015

I wonder how many times I've used that term on here?!?  More than once, I'm sure.  ;-)

I have a bunch of "drafts" - posts that I started and never finished for one reason or another... because I thought I should keep my mouth shut or I was a looking for a picture or because I couldn't get my thoughts together.  I know I had this link in one of them. I'm not sure if I ever posted it so I'll do it now.  It's a tribute to a dog named Duke. Photogtapher Robyn Arouty photographed a friend's dog on his last day on Earth.  It has resurfaced so that's what reminded me of it… Click this link: I DIED TODAY.

I've been thinking about RoseBud lately… I guess because her anniversary is coming up.  Some times when I pull out of the driveway I go right back to that day she collapsed in my arms and David went flying to AVETS.  I can still hear us screaming and telling her we love her.  Isn't that weird?

I don't know what was wrong with her or how long she would have lasted if she didn't but I do know she never should have gone on with that hike. I tried to carry her but couldn't…  she never should have been forced to be a "big dog."  It makes me sick.  I hope he thinks about that for all the days of his life. He probably won't, but he should.

I still hear her coughing like she did in the car at that bagel place and that night that I stayed home because we didn't want her to be alone while he went to Paula's for one of the boys birthdays…

Every time I go to the vets and put Lily on the table I see her.  Maybe it's because the vet STILL has one of our old RoseBud Christmas cards in Lily's chart - but still!

Funny how she's still around - everywhere.

Love The Bud.

...wherever, wherever, wherever you go...

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