Saturday, January 23, 2016

I love to hunker down when it snows. I think that everyone, everywhere - all around the land -  made this collective sigh… we all knew it was coming and it was just a good excuse to stay in and do nothing.

The pup does not care if I shovel = she will always go where there is a ton of snow.

She didn't want to play in it...

I did though…

The Dad didn't get very good pictures. I wish I could find my igloo block maker… I know it's here -some place.  This wasn't very good snow to make igloos. Here I am in the front yard - circa early 1970s. Man, I loved that red snow suit.

I found this snowball maker for 25 cents in the summer.

I made a little snow girl…

…I was going to make snowball sundaes but decided against it in case it was polluted with yuckiness.
Is it safe or not to eat snow? Freshly fallen snow?  I need to research that. Going to start putting the Christmas stuff away. Kind of getting sick of looking at it.

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