Thursday, January 14, 2016

Another Thursday off because I'm working tomorrow. Irwin day… We were both hangry so we just ate first…

I bought another crewel painting at Lil Shop of Hoarders…

Satin ornaments remind me of my grandmother… Found these fruit ornaments there… Lily is not impressed.

What else… a bottle brush tree and another little tree… some more satin ornaments and some cherubs… some pipe cleaners and other junk for our work crafts… mason jar salt and pepper shakers - already had them from way back when but wanted another set as back up in case there's some weird occurrence that destroys the original set.How would I survive without them?

I need to slow it down. I'm collecting all this stuff and there's no place to put it. It's just a growing pile of bags everywhere. This is not normal. Totally not normal.

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