Saturday, January 2, 2016

The girls and I ventured out to Robinson today… we did have a couple stop offs.  One of them being here!
I wanted a baby reuban.
We went to the At Home store which was such a disappointment. We were all like WTF?  I thought it was junky and too hodge podged. I did get a few trees - but I get trees everywhere. One of them was this little silver one - I had the snow angel… and the pug. ;-)
You all know I like weird stuff but, really, who wants a $300 artificial boxwood hedge?
Or these glasses that look like there's beer already in them?
We all couldn't wait to leave. It was annoying.
Yeah, at home, says who?

We went and had some fun at IKEA… we always get a little crazy there. Did I ever mention, a few months ago, I got this star light at Goodwill for $1.00? I always wanted that.
Stopped in HomeGoods. Got this little puppy.
It had a teeny mark on it and it was the only one they had so I asked and they marked it down way less than I thought.

Breakfast (for dinner) at Central Diner… and we called it a night.

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