Sunday, November 6, 2016

OF HOSPITALS AND SHOPPING (story of my life)
I took Chrissy in the meditation room at the hospital. It's over near the cancer center where I got radiation.

Then we went to HomeGoods. I wanted to get this snowman head but I didn't.

I didn't get this either…

Then we went to the "burnt pizza" place as she calls it. I actually can't think of the name right now.

My poor pup didn't get to get dressed up this year - even though I made a special trip to storage to get some of her costumes.

I have a hard time passing up the halloween stuff. It was on sale at Target for basically nothing.

Oh how I love the holidays. I think. Do I still? Things have come and gone - since June when Glo died… on Father's Day… We kind of missed that and his birthday and halloween and my birthday and now Thanksgiving is coming. What's going on with that?  This is getting ridiculous now.  Ridiculous.  People go in the hospital and go home or die… we're just dragging along.

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