Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Dead Poets Society came out in 1989. I think I saw it with Matt A. That was the year I graduated high school. Geez - almost 30 years ago.  It was just on the other night. I always watch it. It's one of the movies I know by heart.

I had an appointment today at Magee at 8 am with the oncologist.  Not that that wasn't bad enough but, by the look of my clock,  I was already late and still had a ways to go... stuck in traffic in front of Central Catholic...

Every time I pass by there I think of those boys inside…

They are all the same - from year to year.  Just the clothes and the hair styles are different. All striving to uphold the "four pillars" of tradition and honor and discipline and excellence or something of the kind.   I wonder which one will have the cheating wife and which one will have the unfulfilled life and which one will have an emotional affair with the girl they rode the high school bus with.

I always have a bit of PTSD when I drive down there… and then I got to about here.

This song was kind of funny with what's going on with The Dad.  It's the location though… I remember the night of the big bleed. Dave's aunt was on call for Dr Rutman.  We were headed down there and I remember being right there at that light thinking I don't want to go in the hospital and find out what's going on.  Surprisingly, there was nothing wrong at that time. I think it was a week or so later that there was. It doesn't matter though. In hindsight, the look on his face that night showed everything.

I'm not really having a good day and I'm failing miserably at trying to carpe this diem and I'm thinking I should probably just stay the fuck out of Oakland for awhile.

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