Saturday, December 1, 2012


I met the Murphy Family at Millers for the Christmas party and it went all downhill after that... I left my car and we all went to New Ken... I never should have gone but I was taking one for the team and didn't want to miss out on the day of antiquing goodness. We got back and I had to pass on going to eat.  You know I wasn't feeling well if that happened. ;-) Anyway, this Millers's thing is becoming a problem. Along with my lovely little baby truck (and another mid sized one I haven't posted yet)  -  last week I walked down the steps and saw this beauty... a giant wagon!

I so need a giant wagon, right?

I'm sure I gasped out loud - I just had a vision of maybe three flocked trees in there or that fabulous white pine one at the rusty angel... my pup in front for her christmas picture... Why do I have to have such mad Christmas decorating skills?  It's a blessing and a curse, really.  All I knew was that thing was MINE and up the steps it was dragged right to the register. In my best spoiled  bitch only child voice -  No one else will have this, I said in my head.  At least I think it was just in my head and in the car it went.

Unfortunately, my vision was not long lived... I don't have one place to put it so I took it to storage to live amongst friends. ;-)

It was nice while it lasted.

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