Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I'm known to be an expert gift giver.  Only problem these days is I'm like six months behind on gifts. Chrissy just got her gift a couple weeks ago - her birthday was in June and Cara's gifts are all downstairs. I haven't had time to package them yet - her birthday was just in August, though... My goal for the next year is to be on top of the birthday thing - I just have to catch up on all the ones from this year first.  Though instead of just a birthday month - we get to celebrate the birthday half year so I don't know if it's really a bad thing.  Anyway, my pups always get a lot of gifts for Christmas and Birthdays and Easter and Halloween and sometimes just a random Tuesday.  I'm always on the lookout for interesting things that a dog would enjoy. Like these things I got on small business saturday.

No they are not for me. I'm sure Lily will be thrilled with her new tarot deck and will have great parties with all her girlfriends. I love that she rolls with such a bad ass crew. This picture still cracks me up.

I think RoseBud had an Amazon wish list of books she wanted... I have to see if that's still on there. Shop till you drop!

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