Friday, December 14, 2012


Chrissy has been talking about these cookies from a little grocery store near her... now I know what she means.
They are just simple Christmas cutout sugar cookies.  I took one bite, though, and I was immediately transported to 1976. I felt like I was eating my childhood. Every Christmas memory came to mind with every bite of those sugar crystals... I think it's safe to say that, whether you are a parent or not, most will go to bed tonight with a heavy heart after what happened in Newtown, CT today.  I can't stop thinking about the unopened Christmas presents that are under the tree for those little kids and the parents that dropped their kids off in the morning never to pick them up again. An unfinished life for all of them - young and old. There was a school stabbing in China as well as well as a few other things... shooting in Vegas, etc...  I'm not going to pretend to know the answer to what should be done for any of it... I don't think banning guns is the answer but I don't know what is. To all of those who's lives were cut short - rest in peace their souls.

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