Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I've been thinking about this... at what point are you just better off dead? Hence the post title. Some of you may get that. ;-)   Anyway, Glo-worm keeps telling me that she is ready to go to her new home.  With Norman... In Heaven... That there is nothing to do where she is and she would rather be dead. I told her there wasn't anything I could do about that right now and maybe she should just consider going to bingo or do some activities with others while she waits.

There's all kinds of fun things going on... trips to the Dollar Store and Dunkin Donuts... they even take them to the casino once a month.  The other day there was something called "peppermint marshmallows." I'm not really sure what that was - if they were making them or eating them, but I think I would have enjoyed that activity.  Glo said it sounded stupid. She said they are all old people that go to those things and she didn't want to.  She can't figure out how the television remote works so she basically just sits there all day doing nothing. She keeps the tv on the same channel and only watches Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.  The only thing she will do is circle word puzzles.  She told me she was finished with the puzzle book I just brought her and I flipped through it and noticed some of them weren't done... she told me she only likes doing the ones on the right side of the page.  All of the pages on the left weren't touched.  I tore them out and put them on a clipboard. Maybe she'll do them that way. In the meantime I'm still working on getting her to go to "making cherry chiffon"on Friday.  Another one I think I might enjoy. ;-)

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